Arrested Development season 5 is one step closer to being finished, as Ron Howard has started recording his voiceover for the upcoming season. Netflix stepped in and rescued Arrested Development as one of their first forays into producing content, which brought mixed results. While fans were happy to have the show return, season 4 didn't quite resonate with many. But after several years away, the gang is back at it and Howard is putting his important piece of the puzzle in place.

Ron Howard has been a part of Arrested Development from the beginning. Not only as a producer, but he's also the voice of the narrator that ties the series together. Recently, Howard took to Twitter to reveal that, on his birthday, he was in the recording studio doing his voiceover for Season 5. His caption provided with the behind-the-scenes photo is sure to make fans of the series quite happy. Here's what he had to say.

"For my birthday this morning I was back at the mic for the 'Next...#ArrestedDevelopment.'"

Netflix has been hard at work on the new season of Arrested Development since late last year. They've been keeping it pretty tightly under lock and key, with only a handful of set photos being released on social media from the cast. Beyond that, much of what we're going to see in season 5 remains a mystery. However, it's been made clear that this season won't repeat the mistakes made in season 4, as we'll see much more of the Bluths together on screen, as opposed to having splintered storylines. That surely made things tricky in regards to scheduling, but that's probably partially why it took so long for Arrested Development season 5 to happen in the first place.


Official plot details are being mostly kept under wraps, but it's been said that the upcoming season will be a murder mystery surrounding the death of Lucille Austero, who was played by Liza Minnelli. As far as Ron Howard goes, he's been busy filming Solo: A Star Wars Story and will be busy handling press for that in the near future, so he's got to squeeze in doing his voiceover for Arrested Development while he has the chance. Luckily, even though that meant working on his birthday, he's committed to the series.

There's no word yet on when Netflix plans to release Arrested Development season 5, but with voiceover taking place, it seems like the new season is likely getting close to being finished. That means we'll almost certainly see it this year. One of the big questions is how Netflix will handle Jeffrey Tambor, who came under fire over sexual misconduct allegations. Netflix fired Kevin Spacey from House of Cards over his sexual misconduct, but there's been no indication that they're going to do the same with Tambor. We'll have to see how that shakes out. You can check out the behind-the-scenes photo from Ron Howard's Twitter account for yourself below.