Some brand new set photos from Arrested Development season 5 have arrived online. Back when Netflix first started getting into the original programming game, they decided to rescue Arrested Development and finally give fans the new season they wanted. While the reaction was mixed, it opened the door for more from the Bluths in the future. We may have had to wait a few years, but Arrested Development season 5 is filming now and Tony Hale, who plays Buster on the series, has given us some new teases of what's to come.

The actor has been sharing some behind-the-scenes looks at Arrested Development season 5 on social media. Perhaps most notably, he recently shared a photo that reveals the infamous Bluth stair car will, once again, be a part of the new season. He also shared a selfie he took with Michael Cera and Alia Shawkat, giving us our first look at George Michael and Maeby in the upcoming new season of Arrested Development.


Tony Hale also shared an image of the clapper being used during production, which also features a sticker of the stair car on it. There's also a banana, which is in reference to the Bluth banana stand. We also see an image of Lucille doing her best to wink. There's also a new photo showing the chairs that he and Jeffrey Tambor, who plays both George Bluth and Oscar Bluth in the show, use on set. The photo was shared just before Amazon was revealed to be investigating sexual harassment claims made against Tambor, who stars in their series Transparent.

There's no word how, if at all, this sexual harassment claim will affect Arrested Development season 5. Netflix recently fired Kevin Spacey from House of Cards following his recent sexual harassment allegations. So if things with Jeffrey Tambor escalate, it's not hard to imagine Netflix taking similar action for Arrested Development. However, at the moment, there's no indication that the streaming service plans to interrupt production of the new season, which is expected to debut some time in 2018. Even if things do go south, they may be able to work around it with rewrites, since Arrested Development is a big ensemble. We'll have to see how that plays out.


Arrested Development season 4 frustrated fans as it featured a lot of splintered storylines. It's been promised that the new season will feature more of the core cast interacting with one another. While plot details are being mostly kept under wraps, it's been said that the upcoming season will be a murder mystery surrounding the death of Lucille Austero, who was played by Liza Minnelli. Be sure to check out the new Arrested Development season 5 set photos, courtesy of Tony Hale's Twitter, for yourself below.