Arrested Development is coming back sooner than you probably thought. The cult sitcom delivered new episodes in the summer of 2018, but that was only one half of Season 5. Today, Netflix has announced the return of the once canceled Fox sitcom, providing a look at the new poster art and quite a few photos of the Bluths back in action.

Not so long ago, fans were hungry for more Arrested Development. And it was a big deal that Netflix had picked up the canceled Fox series for an all-new season 4. It came with much fanfare. And was fairly well received by audiences at large. Though the story telling structure, and the fact that the cast were never all seen together in one room, was met with confusion and disappointment.


That was rectified in the first half of Season 5, though some longtime fans were let down by the latest Bluth adventures as a whole. Even if they were all in a room together this time. Now, they're back for more punishment as the mystery behind the murder of Lucille Austero continues. Arrested Development Season 5, Part Two Launches March 15.

In these upcoming new episodes, Buster's on the run, no one has seen Lucille 2, and the wall is still unfunded. Catch up on the Bluth drama this spring break when all eight episodes of Part Two finally stream in their entirety.

"In the second half of Arrested Development's fifth season, pressures mount on the Bluth family as Buster heads toward a murder trial. The Bluth company is on the hook to build a 'smart' border wall that puts them in debt and risks exposing a software hoax perpetrated by George-Michael.  Soon the gay mafia is involved and it appears that even Michael can't save the family this time.  And Tobias becomes a Golden Girl."

Yup, you heard all of that right. It sounds like the Bluths are in for at least one more crazy adventure. But will this be the end for Michael and his family? It's always hard to tell with The Bluths. The fun Arrested Development Season 5 Part 2 poster shows the entire family back together for this Clue like outing. The tag line touts, 'One Murder. No Masterminds'.


The first image gives us Jeffrey Tambor returning as George Bluth, Sr. as he contemplates buying a pair of dirt bike goggles. For what, God only knows. Alia Shawkat is back as Maybe Funke, still in disguise, with the return of David Cross as Mrs. Featherbottom. Buster, as played by Tony Hale, is back with more disturbing transformations for his fake hand, and an unwanted sign hanging in the background. We also get to see Buster heading into his jail cell with Henry Winkler's Barry Zuckerkorn at his side.

Will Arnett returns as Gob Bluth, having commandeered what looks to be a city bus. Michael Bluth, once again played by Jason Bateman, is helping his father commit suicide inside a smart car. And in the final image, we get Jessica Walter back as Lucille Bluth in all her glory, enjoying a well deserved drink. Portia de Rossi's Lindsay and Michael Cera's George Michael are both MIA, but we do get to see them on the poster. And where exactly has Ann Veal run off to? We'll find out when The Bluth's make their sixth triumphant return to the small screen just in time for spring break. These images come direct from The Bluths' Facebook.

Arrested Development Season 5 Part 2 poster
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