Seven years after it was canceled by Fox, the much-beloved sitcom Arrested Development returned for its long-awaited fourth season on Netflix back in 2013. The success of this show lead to the streaming service bringing other hit shows back from the dead, like The Killing, Full House and even Inspector Gadget, with series creator Mitch Hurwitz saying today that Season 5 of the hit sitcom may start filming in early 2017. While Season 4 was beloved by the fans, many still had issues with how the 15-episode season was formatted, but it seems that series creator Mitchell Hurwitz has taken it upon himself to solve this issue.

The Hollywood Reporter caught up with Mitchell Hurwitz at the Television Critics Association summer tour this week, where he was part of a comedy panel presented by Netflix. After the panel, Mitchell Hurwitz confirmed that he recut the entire 15-episode season into 22 episodes that run 22 minutes apiece. Most of the Season 4 episodes ran more than a half hour, with one even running 42 minutes.

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On Wednesday, Hurwitz confirmed that executive producer Ron Howard recorded new bits of narration. However, as of now, the episodes are just sitting on a shelf somewhere, and it isn't clear if fans will ever get to see these re-cut episodes. It's possible that Netflix or 20th Century Fox Television could release these episodes either on the streaming service or as a special edition Blu-ray/DVD set, but we don't know if that is happening or not.

This report reveals that re-editing the entire season, "changed the narrative structure and allowed for other stories to emerge in different ways." Each episode in Season 4 essentially centered on one of the main characters, with many fans complaining that there just weren't enough scenes with the entire Bluth Family together. The series creator also used "tons of unused scenes," but the series creator didn't offer any specific details about the recut season.

As for Season 5, there has been talk that this season could be upwards of 17 episodes long, but nothing has been confirmed by Netflix quite yet. It isn't known when these new episodes will debut but we'll be sure to keep you posted with updates as soon as we have them. Hopefully we'll also hear more about this re-cut version of Season 4 very soon as well.