Four years past its final episode on Fox, Are You Smarter than a 5th Grader? is returning to television. For those who've never seen it, the series was a game show where contestants competed against actual 5th graders by answering trivia questions from various school subjects. Throughout the game, players are able to ask for the assistance of one of the grade-schoolers with a question, although there's no guarantee the child will give them the correct answer. First launching in 2007, the game show was hosted by blue collar comedian Jeff Foxworthy for its entire duration on the Fox network. Now, the series will be heading to Nickelodeon this fall, with WWE legend John Cena replacing Foxworthy as the host.

The revival series will have some new game elements added into the show, making it a bit different from the previous iteration. Some differences include a new "cheat" option, alternate ways of asking for help from the school children with difficult questions, and even a "final exam" round where contestants answer rapid fire questions from each grade as a timer counts down. The same basic premise will remain the same, however, although it's safe to expect a more colorful set considering the show's new home on Nickelodeon. It wouldn't be surprising to see contestants getting slimed with green goo, either.

For his part, John Cena seems very excited about his new hosting gig, happy to continue his partnership with Nickelodeon. The WWE star has appeared in several other productions for the network before, so he's certainly no stranger to the studio. Nickelodeon president Brian Robbins confirmed the revival in a recent announcement. "Today's kids and parents are laser-focused on their family time together, so we want to give them shows and series that appeal to every member of the household," Robbins says. "We're very happy to to go back to school with an amazing talent like John Cena and the MGM team for a brand-new version of this mega-hit game show."

Wrestling fans will know Cena as one of the most prolific pro wrestlers of all time. One of the most popular performers of the new millennium, Cena is a sixteen-time world champion for WWE. Like Dwayne Johnson before him, Cena has been branching out of wrestling to appear in more movie and TV spots in addition to his ongoing WWE appearances. He had a lead role in last year's Bumblebee, and is attached to a planned movie adaptation of the Duke Nukem video games as the title character. Now it looks like the entertainer can add "game show host" to his ever-growing résumé.

Production on the Nickelodeon relaunch is set to begin this spring. An official release date has not yet been specified, but the series will premiere on the network sometime later this year. In the meantime, you can catch Cena regularly on WWE programming by subscribing to the WWE Network. This information comes to us from Nickelodeon.