Here we go! Nickelodeon has just unleashed the first teaser trailer for Are You Afraid of the Dark?, which revives the classic kids-themed horror anthology for the small screen, with a big screen version also on the way soon.

Are You Afraid of the Dark? hit Nickelodeon in 1990, scaring kids and captivating adults nationwide. The show revolves around a group of teens in the woods, gathered around a campfire, telling the most wicked and horrifying tales they can imagine. These ghost stories will return to TV soon in a new limited series event.

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The big screen version of Are You Afraid of the Dark? was announced around the same time as a new TV show, but the release date has been pulled as Guillermo Del Toro is bringing Scary Stories to Tell in the Dark to theaters, and the anthologies are similar enough to cause confusion. And to further complicate matters, Guillermo Del Toro has also recently announced that he's working on his own horror anthology for Netflix called 10 After Midnight, with all three properties having very similar titles and themes.

The first teaser gives fans a good look at what they can expect from Are You Afraid of the Dark?, though it is short and scary at just 15 seconds long. We do get to see some of the terrifying creatures and ghouls that will be making an appearance as the Midnight Society regroups for the first time in decades.

Jeremy Taylor, Sam Ashe Arnold, Tamara Smart, Lyliana Wray, and Miya Cech are The Midnight Society. Rafael Casal have been cast as a ringmaster named Mr. Tophat, whom we get to see here. While the original series brought a different story every week, this new miniseries will tell the tale of The Carnival of Doom over the course of three episodes.

There's no doubt that Nickelodeon fans in general will get a big kick out of seeings Are You Afraid of the Dark revived for TV. Horror fans have plenty to get excited about too. And if you're both a 90s Nick at Night fan and a horror addict? Oh, boy! Get your bowl of cereal and stake out a place in front of the TV cause you're not going to want to miss this. This teaser trailer comes direct from Nickelodeon.