Adult Swim's newest animated hero makes his television debut July 9, at 12:15 a.m. (ET/PT), he's Apollo Gauntlet, an Earth cop (well, Canadian cop) who becomes a superhero in a strange, inter-dimensional world known as Kingdom Bellanus. Armed with a skin-tight suit and talking gauntlets, he's armed and ready for action! Adult Swim has debuted several new images, offering a first look at the characters who inhabit this animated sci-fi universe on Apollo Gauntlet.

Apollo Gauntlet premieres July 9 on Adult Swim, and all six episodes will also be available to stream on beginning July 7. Apollo Gauntlet features a motley crew of characters, and fans are likely to choose their own favorites. Inspired by He-Man, Mystery Science Theater 3000 and the work of David Lynch, self-taught, independent Canadian animator Myles Langlois created Apollo Gauntlet, a quarter-hour animated adventure comedy series set in a futuristic medieval society. The title character, Apollo Gauntlet, is voiced by series creator Myles Langlois, who was known as Paul Cassidy on Earth, before he stumbled onto a nefarious plot by Dr. Benign to open an inter-dimensional portal between Earth and, well, wherever. When he awakens in Dr. Benign's lair, little does he know they'll both wind up in another dimension, where Paul Cassidy will become Apollo Gauntlet! Armed (literally) with talking gauntlets, he's stoic! He's heroic! And he's Canadian!

Dr. Benign, a.k.a. Prince Orenthal Bellanus, is voiced by James Urbaniak. Dr. Benign is an evil Earth scientist who accidentally accompanies Apollo Gauntlet to Kingdom Bellanus, where he quickly aligns himself with the evil doers in the alternate universe. Prince Orenthal Bellanus, meanwhile, is the black sheep of the Bellanus dynasty. Betrothed to Princess Daphne, there's a problem: He doesn't really like her that way.

Princess Daphne is voiced by Kelsy Abbott. Though she's just a commoner, Daphne's also become engaged to Prince Orenthal Bellanus, something she's not entirely excited about, but someone needs to save the Bellanus family, not to mention the kingdom, and she's a strong hero in her own right. When Apollo Gauntlet comes on the scene, it's hard to deny that they've got some real chemistry going on, and make an incredible team. Tom Kenny voices the Ozborne King, a mystical wizard who appears to Apollo throughout the series. Ozborne believes that Apollo has been sent to undo the Oracles of Doom and his own intentions may or may not be good. He does not have a particularly strong sense of humor.

Series creator Myles Langlois also voices Corporal Vile, who has ambitions to rule Kingdom Bellanus, maybe the universe, but he hasn't thought that far yet, he's Apollo's chief nemesis. Evil through and through. Lives in a lair. That kind of guy. Apollo Gauntlet is produced by Six Point Harness, the production studio of animation company MONDO, and Mosaic. Six Point Harness operates the most-viewed animation channel on YouTube, and develops, produces, acquires and distributes adult animation for digital and traditional media worldwide. Combined, the studios are responsible for popular digital animated series such as Happy Tree Friends, Deep Space 69, Cat Agent and Dick Figures. Take a look at these photos from Apollo Gauntlet revealing these aforementioned characters, plus others such as Monty, Puff, Rubis, Sammy and Superknife.

Apollo Gauntlet Apollo Photo
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