Law & Order: Special Victims Unit has always been a show that rips stories from current events and turns them into fictional stories. This week's episode, "Twenty-Five Acts", is no different, spinning the Fifty Shades of Grey phenomena into a sexual assault case. Anna Chlumsky guest stars as a popular author who was forced upon by a TV host (Roger Bart) in this new episode, airing Wednesday, October 10 at 9 PM ET on NBC. Anna Chlumsky and Raúl Esparza, who guest stars as a new Manhattan District Attorney, recently held a conference call and discussed their experiences on the set. Raúl Esparza first spoke about how welcoming the set is.

"The set's really friendly actually. Yeah. I mean, the set's great. And Mariska (Hargitay), particularly is just like an incredibly welcoming host, so to speak. She feels like she's not the star of the show, she's sort of the welcomer, the den mother or the Queen Bee, which may be sounds insulting, and that's not what I mean. but the thing is, if she didn't set that tone, then you couldn't play. And one of the best things I think that I felt, I don't want to put words in Anna's mouth, but certainly the two of us had a good time. We had fun trying stuff. It was a friendly, welcoming, warm set. It is very easy to feel very unwelcome when you are a guest star on a TV show, because you know they're in their thing, they're in their mode, you just jump sort of jump in, you jump out, you're done, and this wasn't like that at all. We felt like a group of hoodlums actually who had taken over the courtroom. We had a very good time, and she just kind of set that tone. It's a good group of people over there."

Anna Chlumsky also spoke about what drew her to this role.

"what drew me to this particular job was we really get to see a whole picture with Joslin in this episode. Sometimes when you guest, you hope that the character can matter to that episode, and in this one she unequivocally matters to this episode, and that was really encouraging. The way she's written, I think on the surface she has all of these kind of qualities that people like to assume they know. But, she's got a lot of other kind of textures going on inside her life, and you know she's not one note whatsoever the way she's written, and that's what I'm always drawn too. I think that that's something that is always worthwhile for me as an actor is to play around with all of the deeper layers of a person. So, they really gave me a shot to do that with Joslin."

The actress also revealed this is the first role that required an intense, violent physicality on screen.

"This is the first time on film or on screen that I've had to do such intense, violent-type work. I've done stuff like that on stage before, but not so close up and on screen. It's a different animal. You definitely know you're at work, which is a wonderful thing. It's like after you say, 'Cut,' like you're not in that anymore, you know? I did the scene and I always felt reminded of that. I never felt necessarily that I didn't have voice. I was definitely always a part of the collaboration on those scenes, and that was really generous of them and important, I think, you know given the nature of those scenes. They made me feel really comfortable right away. One of our first rehearsals was a stunt rehearsal, and so that right away just made me go, 'Oh yeah, they got it figured out. They've been doing this a long time.'

Law & Order: Special Victims Unit returns tonight with "Twenty-Five Acts", guest starring Anna Chlumsky and Raúl Esparza, airing Wednesday, October 10 at 9 PM ET on NBC.