90's kids rejoice, an Animaniacs reboot as well as a Teletubbies revival are both currently in the early stages of development. 80's kids have seen their fair share of reboots over the last few years, G.I. Joe and Transformers to name a few, with Predator in the works and Masters of the Universe rumored to be on the horizon. Netflix's Full House reboot is one of the most watched programs in Netflix's history, where it fits into the nostalgia of both 80s and 90s kids. Nostalgia is always big and now it's time for more of the 90's kids to cash in. There's no word on if Barney is getting a reboot, but at this point, you never know.

Indie Wire reports that the Animaniacs are set to return, but it is unclear where we'll be able to see them. Warner Bros. is said to be working with Steven Spielberg, who developed the original and is expected to be on board to craft this updated version. Animaniacs has recently had a surge in popularity thanks to the show making its streaming debut on Netflix. Though it's still in the very early stages of development, it is expected to be a huge hit and interest in the project is high. Animaniacs ran from 1993-1995 on Fox Kids and then later on Kids' WB from 1995-1998. The cartoon was not only popular with kids, but also adults who enjoyed the edgy and sophisticated comedy.

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Next in line for the children's television revival from the 90s is the ever-derisive Teletubbies. According to The Hollywood Reporter, the reboot is heading to Alibaba's Youku in China and has already been picked up by 24 broadcasters worldwide, including Nick Jr. in the United States. Much like Animaniacs, Teletubbies also appealed to children and adults, but for very different reasons.

The show was created in the UK for preschoolers and toddler aged children, but ended up finding a solid adult following who found the show to be psychedelic. If that wasn't enough, the show came under fire from evangelists for spreading the gay agenda to young children all over the world. Show creators claimed that the character in question was not gay or straight. They said that he was just a children's television character with a magic bag, which makes perfect sense.

While Teletubbies is definitely on it's way, Animaniacs is in the very early stages of talks, but it seems like a no-brainer to bring them back to wreak havoc on the Warner Bros. lot. Yakko, Wakko, and Dot deserve a reboot and they would fit into 2017 perfectly, maybe they could head over to the set and help Ben Affleck with the standalone Batman movie or help find a director for the Flash. The possibilities are endless and Animaniacs would be welcomed back with open arms.

It's an interesting time to see the Teletubbies and the Animaniacs come back into the public consciousness, but it makes sense. The reboot is the way of the world in Hollywood these days and both franchises are gearing up for the great internet debate of whether the reboots suck or if they're great. There is no set release date for either franchise, but expect news to come down the wire in the near future.