The new Animaniacs is taking aim at Jurassic Park in a new sneak peek clip coming out of New York Comic Con. Bringing back the original voice actors with a modern update of the same art style, the revival series is set to debut on Hulu next month. Previously, Hulu released a sneak peek teaser at the new series, giving fans a look at the show's storyboard sketches. The new clip give us about a minute and a half of content, bringing the familiar characters of Jurassic Park for a highly amusing parody.

In the clip, Dr. Alan Grant and Ellie Sattler can be seen pulling up in a Warner Bros. vehicle reminiscent of the ones seen in Jurassic Park. "Alan, this species of cartoon has been extinct since 1998," Ellie says, observing an Animaniacs animation cel. She adds, "I mean, these haven't been on TV since the golden era of animation." Spoofing the moment in Jurassic Park when the two first see the dinosaurs, Alan then turns Ellie's head to take a look outside of the vehicle, revealing three familiar characters on the horizon.

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"It's the Warner Brothers!" Alan exclaims, as Wakko, Yakko, and Dot skip happily downhill towards them.
"And the Warner sister!" Dot shouts back.

After Steven Spielberg walks by chuckling to himself, Ian Malcolm delivers a family-friendly version of his famous Jurassic Park line, uttering, "He did it. That crazy son of a gun actually did it."

Studying the Animaniacs, Alan and Ellie gush about their "clean vectored outlines" and "wide screen format." Substituting for John Hammond, Spielberg confirms that the characters have in fact been reanimated, as a Hulu executive in a green suit dreams about the "fortune" the company is going to make with the reboot. Better yet, Spielberg also confirms that they're bringing back Pinky and the Brain --- something Alan forces him to repeat for a second time. "Welcome to Animaniacs," Spielberg says as the Warner siblings start flipping their way back home to their tower.

Animaniacs originally ran for 99 episodes across five seasons, serving as one of the most memorable cartoons of the 1990s. Presented as a sketch show, each episode featured multiple skits with a variety of unique characters. Yakko, Wakko, and Dot led each episode as the Warner siblings, though Pinky and the Brain was always one of the show's most popular running sketches. While technically a children's show, the series was also known for its subtle adult humor, and chances are, we'll be seeing some of these moments appear in the Hulu revival series.

Though brief, the New York Comic Con clip does a great job with letting fans know what to expect. We now have a clear look at how the characters will appear with their visual upgrade along with the confirmation that the show's trademark brand of humor will also be returning. The new Animaniacs will begin streaming on Hulu on Nov. 20, and a second season is set to arrive in 2021. The new teaser comes to us from The Animaniacs on Twitter.