Current Animal Planet Shows

Pit Bulls and Parolees

  • Animal Planet
  • 5 seasons
  • Drama, Family

On 17 acres Villalobos Rescue Center is the largest pit bull rescue in the USA. This show show the interaction of the dog and man; About pets and people that no one wants.

First aired October 30, 2009.

River Monsters

  • Animal Planet
  • 3 seasons
  • Documentary

See what strange creature lurk beneath the surface of our river waters in this fascinating Animal Planet show.

First aired April 5, 2009.

Treehouse Masters

  • Animal Planet
  • 9 seasons
  • Reality TV

TREEHOUSE MASTERS has viewers climbing to a majestic world up in the treetops with visionary and tree whisperer Pete Nelson as he designs private escapes for those with a passion to reconnect with nature and awaken their inner child. Pete goes out on a limb to create breathtaking realities for a host of clientele including designing multi-bedroom dream tree houses complete with functional plumbing and electricity to simple one-room lofts. His portfolio boasts the creation and construction of adventurous tree-house retreats, which include zip lines and vine swings, Indiana Jones-inspired bridges and secret entrances; a levitating lighthouse treehouse; and a record-high recording studio that marries music and nature. Pete and his team of designers and carpenters, including son Charlie, must endure Mother Nature's shifty antics, dangerous construction equipment and dizzy heights in order to build these sanctuaries. But the sky's not the limit for Pete, whose whimsical touches and far-fetched ideas delight his clients while adding pressure on the team to deliver. In addition to building these hideaways, Pete, along with wife, Judy, and daughter Emily, own and operate Treehouse Point, a bed and breakfast in Washington, where people can escape their modern-day realities.

First aired May 31, 2013.

Finding Bigfoot

  • Animal Planet
  • 9 seasons
  • Documentary, Drama, Family, History, Thriller

Four members of the Bigfoot Field Research Organization attempt to find the elusive Bigfoot.

First aired May 30, 2011.

North Woods Law

  • Animal Planet
  • 13 seasons
  • Action, Adventure, Crime, Documentary, Drama, Family

Two teams of Maine wardens join forces to bust ATV scofflaws and end up in a dramatic high-speed chase. Rookie Warden Kim Bates responds to a strange call: a report of a mysterious dead deer strung up by a chain deep in the back woods.

First aired March 11, 2012.

My Cat from Hell

  • Animal Planet
  • 8 seasons
  • Comedy, Family

From spastic cats that break up relationships to violent felines that put their owners in the hospital, cat behaviorist Jackson Galaxy has seen it all. Follow Jackson as he brings his unique understanding of cats to desperate families on the verge of giving up on their furry companions.

First aired May 7, 2011.

Whale Wars

  • Animal Planet
  • 6 seasons
  • Action, Adventure, Drama, Family

This stunning and dangerous limited series spotlights both the controversial Japanese whaling trade and the tactics that the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society and its staff and volunteers use to cripple it. Aboard the Motor Yacht "Steve Irwin" the group seeks out the Japanese whaling fleet and then uses it's Delta Zodiac, helicopter, and other innovative techniques to enforce the law, including close-quarters ship-to-ship contact, to disable and/or sink the Japanese whaling ships in the fight to enforce international laws on the high seas where law enforcement is minimal or non-existent. The successful confrontations disrupt whale carcass processing and disperse the fleet of whaling vessels.

First aired November 7, 2008.

Gator Boys

  • Animal Planet
  • 6 seasons
  • Family, Documentary, Reality TV

It's quite possible your idea of fun isn't wrestling alligators. Well, that's the kind of thinking keeping the Gator Boys, Paul and Jimmy, busy! They're two fearless peas in a pod, and they've become Florida's go-to guys when locals find themselves crossing paths with deadly 1,000-pound reptiles in shocking locations like master bedrooms, swimming pools or outdoor caf├ęs! The goal of 'Gator Boys Alligator Rescue' is for the team to capture nuisance gators with their bare hands and move them to safety before trappers, who kill and sell the animals for their skin and meat, get to them.

First aired January 8, 2012.