Amy Poehler and Adam Scott talk Parks and Recreation Season 5

Amy Poehler and Adam Scott talk Marriage on Parks and Recreation Season 5

The NBC comedy series Parks and Recreation is not a show known for dropping huge bombshells regularly, but that's exactly what they did during last week's episode "Halloween Surprise", when Ben (Adam Scott) proposed to Leslie (Amy Poehler). The two actors, along with executive producer Michael Schur, recently held a conference call to discuss the rest of Season 5, which continues with "Ben's Parents" Thursday, November 8 at 9:30 PM ET on NBC.

Amy Poehler first spoke about the emotions she felt when first reading that pivotal scene.

"When I read that scene I cried because I was so happy that I had my job at Parks and then I got to do that scene with Adam and that Michael Schur wrote it because I knew it would be great. It's very rare as an actor when you read a scene and you know it's going to be great, you can just kind of see it. When we were shooting the scene I was really excited that we were getting to do it because I had really just been looking forward to doing it. I was really happy for Leslie, so I think the mood on set was a really kind of joyous one. I know even though it was kind of a sweet scene I know Adam and I were really just happy to have such a well written scene to get to do. We care about our characters so we were kind of excited that this was happening for them."

Adam Scott also expressed how he felt about the proposal scene.

"Yes, I feel the same way, I mean I also just kind of felt like this was a really big deal for all of us. We are well aware that these are fictional characters that we are playing on television. I think we also want them to be happy and want them to be all right and we all care about them. I can say, speaking for myself that I care about them quite deeply and so knowing this scene was coming, I was maybe a little nervous about it but mostly just really happy about it. The day we were doing it it was very joyous but also there's a real feeling that this was very special and we wanted it to be special for the fans and for he characters. It was exciting."

When asked if the wedding will happen this season, Michael Schur would only say that their path will be surprising this season.

"We've tried really hard to kind of be hard to pin down in terms of where we're going. I don't want to give anything away at all but I will say that what we want to do, I think the essential element of both comedy and just good story telling in general is surprised whether it's comedy or drama. I would like to believe that the path that we're choosing to take will be satisfying but also surprising to people."

Parks and Recreation returns with "Ben's Parents" Thursday, November 8 at 9:30 PM ET on NBC.