Gravity Falls managed to become a cult favorite animated series with only two seasons worth of storytelling. Now, the creator of the show, Alex Hirsch, is bringing the show back to television with a guest appearance on Amphibia, where Hirsch will voice a few of the characters from Gravity Falls. Amphibia creator and executive producer Matt Braly, who worked as a storyboard artist and director on Gravity Falls, explained how the crossover came to be.

"I have always wanted to create a Gravity Falls tribute in Amphibia, I just didn't know when or how. The two shows share so much DNA that it seemed like a missed opportunity not to have the worlds interact in some fashion. So when Amphibia writer Jenava Hudek pitched an episode where the Plantars would stop at a creepy wax museum during their roadtrip, I knew this was our golden opportunity. Jenava herself was a huge Gravity Falls fan and leapt at the chance to work with its iconic characters. The decision was made early to feature alternative universe versions of Grunkle Stan and Soos as frogs. This would be the easiest way to pay homage without stepping on anyone's toes continuity wise."

Gravity Falls tells the tale of tween twins Dipper and Mabel, who are sent to live with their Uncle Stan in the show's titular town. The character of Uncle Stan runs a tourist-trap named the 'Mystery Shack'. On the episode of Amphibia titled 'Wax Museum', the show's main family will visit a roadside oddities museum modeled after the 'Mystery Shack' called the 'Curiosity Hut', run by 'The Curator', an amphibious version of Uncle Stan, and a frog custodian named 'Frog Soos', with both characters voiced by Hirsch.


Braly originally sent the script for the episode to Hirsch with the intent of getting his blessing for the Amphibia take on Gravity Falls. Hirsh liked the script so much he ended up personally lending his voice to 'The Curator' and 'Frog Soos', leading to a Gravity Falls reunion of sorts on the sets of Amphibia, as Braly describes it.

"Not only did he end up voicing the characters but he even improvised a number of his lines in the booth, giving the characters that classic Gravity Falls off the cuff flair. It's no surprise that the Amphibia episode 'Wax Museum' is one of my favorite episodes of the season and that the Curator and Frog Soos are stand out characters. Working on this episode felt like coming home in a lot of ways."

Ampbihia tells the tale of 13-year-old Anne Boonchuy, who travels to a wild marshland tropical island full of anthropomorphic amphibians called Amphibia, where she lives with the Plantar family while on a quest to become a true hero. Season 2 of Amphibia premieres Saturday, July 11. It tells the tale of the Plantars traveling to a new city called Newtopia on a quest to unlock the mysteries of the music box that brought Anne to them so they can send her back home. This news originated at Variety.