The fifth season of The CW's hit series Arrow came to a close on Wednesday night, but last night, fans got to see series star Stephen Amell's heroics on a different network, for a worthy cause. The beloved actor was part of a special celebrity edition of NBC's hit competition series American Ninja Warrior for the network's Red Nose Day special. The actor has been a longtime fan of the NBC show, and he finally got to run the iconic ninja course himself in quite the impressive fashion, including one obstacle that Arrow fans will surely recognize. In case you missed it last night, we have the full video below.

NBC posted Stephen Amell's full American Ninja Warrior run on their Facebook page, which fans of both Arrow and American Ninja Warrior will certainly get a kick out of. Each celebrity was coached by a talented "ninja" from the show, and Stephen Amell's coach was none other than Kacy Catanzaro, who helped put American Ninja Warrior on the map with her epic run in Season 6 back in 2014. Stephen Amell had no trouble getting through the first two obstacles, but he was only the third celebrity after Olympian Ashton Eaton and former New York Yankees player Nick Swisher to complete a brutal obstacle known as the Flywheels. He then showed his agility in another obstacle called Block Run where he had to run over a number of spinning blocks, which he conquered with ease.

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The Arrow star then had to face a brand new obstacle no one had seen before, not even the Ninja Warrior veterans, known as the Battering Ram, where he had to jump up and grasp a cylinder and work it across a steel bar, elevated several feet off the ground, using nothing but his momentum and sheer strength. Not only that, but he had to jump from the first steel bar to the next, before working his way across that to the landing area. For most of the celebrities, getting up the iconic Warped Wall marked the end of their course, but not for Stephen Amell. After getting up the Warped Wall on his first attempt, Stephen Amell wanted to try one more obstacle, an obstacle known as the Salmon Ladder.

Arrow fans may recall that Stephen Amell's character Oliver Queen actually used the Salmon Ladder as part of his training in the first season, and the Salmon Ladder is also one of the most iconic obstacles in American Ninja Warrior. During this special edition of American Ninja Warrior, $5,000 would be donated to charity for each obstacle these celebrities completed, which lead Stephen Amell to move on to the back half of the course to take on the Salmon Ladder. While this obstacle has been known to take out some of the top Ninja athletes, Stephen Amell had no problem at all, earning another $5,000 for charity. He also attempted another brand new obstacle after the Salmon Ladder, called the Swinging Pegboard, but shortly after getting on this obstacle, he told his fans that his run was "about to end," thanking everyone for coming before splashing down into the water and ending his epic run.

The only other celebrity to make it as far as Stephen Amell was two-time Olympic gold medalist Ashton Eaton, although he didn't try his luck with the Salmon Ladder. Other celebrities who competed include Erika Christensen, Jeff Dye, Nikki Glaser, Derek Hough, Natalie Morales and Mena Suvari. This isn't the first time that Stephen Amell has dominated in a completely different area of television before. A few years ago, the actor appeared in his first ever WWE match at SummerSlam, where, along with his tag-team partner Neville, defeated his WWE "nemesis" Stardust and his partner King Barrett. Take a look at Stephen Amell's epic run on American Ninja Warrior from last night's Red Nose Day special, as we wait for more on the new season of Arrow.