After Ryan Murphy teased in February that American Horror Story Season 7 will be inspired by last year's Presidential election, the series creator recently started dropping some creepy clues. The writer/director/producer started his official Instagram back in May, with three bizarre images that supposedly offer some hints as to what fans can expect this season. The latest image is perhaps the creepiest yet, showcasing two hands coming out of this character's head, which has a pentagram star over the face. The only thing Ryan Murphy would say about this American Horror Story Season 7 monster is "ambidexterity," meaning this character can perform tasks with each hand that comes out of his/her head.

The second photo from Ryan Murphy's Instagram showcases the back of someone's head, with their shoulder-length hair dyed blue, with the caption, "Red, white and blue clue." While this actor, who may or may not be longtime series regular Evan Peters, is wearing a white shirt, we don't see any red in the photo. However, since Evan Peters was a redhead in Season 6 of American Horror Story, it's possible that this could in fact be Evan Peters, with his red hair dyed blue for his role this season. Still, even if this is in fact a shot of the back of Evan Peters' head, we don't know who his character is, or why he has a blue head of hair.

The third photo is actually an illustration of a rather demented-looking elephant, which could certainly be a reference to the Republican Party, which our current President Donald Trump belongs to. This particular elephant has hollow eyes with this pachyderm showing off a big smile while wearing lipstick. What this means is anybody's guess, but Ryan Murphy will most likely be showcasing more teases from Season 7 throughout the summer. Shooting got under way last month, and the series creator has also been using his Instagram to reveal new cast members.

Ever since activating his Instagram account last month, the series creator/executive producer has confirmed that Leslie Grossman, Billie Lourd and Colton Haynes have joined the cast in this new season, although no details about their characters were given. It was also confirmed in March that comedian Billy Eichner, will have a recurring role, appearing in either six or seven episodes of the 11-episode season. He will be playing a close confidante of the character played by Sarah Paulson, who has been confirmed to return alongside Evan Peters. FX hasn't released a premiere date yet, but the first five seasons debuted in October, while last year, the sixth season debuted in September.

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Regardless of what happens this season, FX has already renewed American Horror Story for Season 8 and Season 9, one of which may in fact be a long-awaited crossover season. While it was originally believed that none of the seasons in this anthology series are connected, Ryan Murphy has confirmed that there are subtle connections between the seasons, and that there will be a crossover season that connects the first season, known as Murder House, set in 2011 Los Angeles, to the third season Coven, which was set in 2013 New Orleans. While we wait for more on American Horror Story, take a look at these cryptic clues for Season 7 from Ryan Murphy's Instagram.