American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy revealed on his |Twitter account today that Season 4 of the hit FX series will be entitled Freak Show. Take a look at the official logo, then read on for more information.

American Horror Story Freak Show Logo

Ryan Murphy revealed in January that the season will be set in the year 1950, with star Jessica Lange speaking in a German accent. Earlier this month, executive producer Douglas Petrie revealed that this season will take place at a carnival, although they hadn't decided upon a title at that time.

Jessica Lange revealed in October that she will be leaving the show after Season 4, which is the last year on her current contract. It's possible that the actress, who won an Emmy for her work in Season 1, could renew her contract and appear in forthcoming seasons, but that has not been confirmed yet.

Aside from Jessica Lange, no other cast members have been confirmed yet, although we reported in November that Season 3 stars Kathy Bates and Angela Bassett may return for Season 4.