Ryan Murphy has revealed the official title of American Horror Story season 10. American Horror Story: Double Feature is the title and one doesn't have to dig too deep for its meaning. The horror anthology series will feature two different stories for the first time in its long-running history. Back when season 10 was first announced, Murphy gave fans some clues as to where it was going to take place, which involved a seaside mystery. Thanks to the new title announcement, we know that the storyline for the two stories will involve the sea and sand.

As to what sea and sand will have to do with American Horror Story: Double Feature, that is unclear at the moment. Ryan Murphy and crew are keeping their lips sealed, though our first look could be just around the corner. "Two horrifying stories... one season," reads the captions in Ryan Murphy's Instagram video revealing the titled. "One by the sea... One by the sand. More to come..."

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Earlier in March, we were treated to our first image of series newcomer Macaulay Culkin in character on the set with co-star Leslie Grossman. "Something wicked this way comes. American Horror Story Season Ten," Ryan Murphy wrote in the image's caption. The two were dressed in winter coats, but that was just about all that was revealed in the image. However, that hasn't stopped American Horror Story fans from trying to guess what Ryan Murphy has up his sleeve for season 10. Fans on social media are taking to the water for their guesses, and some believe mermaids could come into play. Obviously, that is pure speculation, but something AHS fans would more than likely embrace.

American Horror Story season 10 was originally supposed to film in the summer of 2020, but it was delayed because of the pandemic. Ryan Murphy and crew jumped into action back in October, with our first poster coming shortly after that. Murphy shared the poster in November, which featured a mouth with red lipstick and sharp teeth, along with a tongue "AHS 10 FX" tattooed on it. Eagle-eyed fans noticed that Murphy tagged Provincetown, Massachusetts as the location.

It's still unclear when FX will release American Horror Story season 10, but fans will surely be even more excited to know that it will include a Double Feature. The horror anthology series is expected to drop sometime this year, but with recent images and a title reveal, many are under the assumption that the first trailer and release date announcement are just around the corner. For now, we'll just have to wait and see what Ryan Murphy and FX are planning to do for the release rollout. While we wait to find out, you can see the official American Horror Story season 10 title announcement above, thanks to Ryan Murphy's Instagram account.