Universal Studios recently announced that last year's installment of the horror anthology series American Horror Story will be coming to Halloween Horror Nights this year, with a new attraction based on Roanoke. Universal Studios has already released a trailer for the attraction, although it doesn't feature any actual footage from this scary experiment in terror. For fans of this horror-anthology series, this will be one attraction they don't want to miss at Halloween Horror Nights this year.

Entertainment Weekly debuted the trailer, which hints that visitors will explore the twisted backwoods of a North Carolina family that was showcased in the sixth season of the series. The maze will feature the terrifying Polk family of cannibals, the iconic Butcher character played by Kathy Bates on the series and other iconic faces from this terrifying episode run. While it seems unlikely that we'll find out more about this attraction before hand, you can see it for yourself in exactly two weeks, when Halloween Horror Nights opens to the general public on September 15.

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The Roanoke season was shrouded in more mystery than any other previous season, with the FX Network not even revealing the theme before its debut last fall. FX released a string of American Horror Story promos leading up to the release, all of which teased different themes, but FX president John Landgraf revealed in an interview that only one of the promos teased the correct theme. There were also set photos that leaked while production was under way, which lead to several fans correctly guessing that this mysterious season was based on the Lost Colony of Roanoke Island.

This past season explored the mystery of Roanoke Island, where, sometime between 1585 and 1587, 117 settlers completely vanished without a trace. The only thing left behind was the word "Croaton," which was scrawled into a tree. Croaton was the Native American tribe that these settlers had a relationship with. There was never a specific date for the disappearance given, but it was said to happen before the 1588 attack of the Spanish Armada. The set photos that surfaced before the season debuted showcased a number of cast members wearing clothing from that era, which also showcased the word Croaton etched into a tree, leading to many correctly guessing the AHS Season 6 theme.

American Horror Story Season 7 is set to debut Tuesday, September 5 at 10 PM ET on FX, which lead some fans to wonder why this American Horror Story maze wasn't based on this coming season. While this season is based on and inspired by the 2016 Presidential election, where Donald Trump managed to beat Hillary Clinton, there is still much about the season that is unknown, so it seems likely that the show didn't want to delve into spoiler territory for this new season, which lead to this maze being based on American Horror Story: Roanoke. Take a look at the new trailer below for this American Horror Story maze at Halloween Horror Nights.