FX Networks has released the opening credits sequence for their highly-anticipated series American Horror Story: Cult, which is set to premiere Tuesday, September 5 at 10 PM ET on FX, along with two trailers, one which features the first official footage. Series creator Ryan Murphy has teased in the past that this season will be inspired by the 2016 Presidential election between Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton, although there is still much that hasn't been revealed about the story thus far. The opening credits give us some insight into how these politicians fit into the story, while clarifying Ryan Murphy's comments that no one will truly be "playing" Donald Trump or Hillary Clinton.

The opening credits sequence debuted on the FX Networks YouTube, which, like all of the credit sequences in American Horror Story history, features plenty of gruesome imagery, including a person whose body is home to several insects, before we see an unidentified man putting on a Donald Trump mask. Later on in the video, we see another mystery figure put on a Hillary Clinton mask, which gives it all a very creepy vibe. We later see in the trailer that both politicians will be represented as themselves.

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The one-minute trailer reveals this season is set in Michigan in 2016, which shows how characters on both sides of the Presidential election reacted to the news that Donald Trump will be president, and how that affects their mental state of mind. Sarah Paulson's character is rather traumatized by the news, while Evan Peters' character clearly thinks Trump's election is fantastic. We also get our first look at Twisty the Clown from American Horror Story: Freak Show, who series creator Ryan Murphy confirmed last month will make his return this season. Sarah Paulson is romantically involved with Allison Pill's character, who is clearly worried that her partner is losing her mind.

The American Horror Story: Cult title was revealed at San Diego Comic-Con this year, along with the first trailer that hinted this cult will be comprised of several creepy clowns, who are prominently featured in this title sequence as well. There is one scene where a number of clowns are walking a casket across what seems to be a cemetery lawn in the middle of the night. This could possibly indicate that this cult's headquarters could actually be at a cemetery. One of the other most prominent images throughout the opening credits are what look like canisters of tear gas breaking open, while we see several clowns emerge from a coffin. Perhaps this coffin is actually the secret entrance to their cult? We'll find out for sure in a few short weeks.

The opening credits also features a creepy figure wearing a gas mask, holding a dog in front of a carousel that is seemingly knocked out from the tear gas. The final moments of the opening scene feature a man and a woman passionately kissing each other, while completely naked and covered in blood, while we also see a mysterious figure trying to wash his clothes in a sink full of blood. The credit scene features the main cast members such as franchise newcomers Allison Pill and Billie Lourd, whose characters were featured in a viral website earlier this month. While this credit sequence gives us a hint at what's to come, there isn't much we can specifically glean from this video, but there also seems to be a theme of insects and/or beekeeping involved with this story, which we can see in the opening credits, and also in another teaser released by FX.

This latest teaser shows a woman whose head seemingly doubles as a beehive, with honey dripping down her neck, as a swarm of bees feed on her head. When she shakes her head, they all fly away, showing that her skull is in fact a porous beehive. There are other shots in the opening credits that feature similar swarms of insects, but it still isn't clear how this will fit into the series. It also isn't clear when we might get our first look at Lena Dunham, who Ryan Murphy announced on social media last month was joining the series. Take a look at the opening credit sequence and the latest trailer for American Horror Story: Cult, debuting Tuesday, September 5.