Over the weekend, Entertainment Weekly held their first annual PopFest, where American Horror Story creator Ryan Murphy dropped quite the bombshell, revealing there will be a crossover season coming in the near future. This will not happen in American Horror Story Season 7, which was announced last month, but it may be saved for Season 8. Here's what Ryan Murphy had to say about this crossover season at EW PopFest, confirming that season will combine characters from the first season, Murder House, and the third season, Coven.

"We do know what we're going to do. It's not going to be next season, but we are going to do a season that's a crossover between Murder House and Coven together, which is very bizarre. There will be characters from Murder House and characters from Coven together. It's not next year, because it takes too long to plan. I've started going to actors from both of the seasons, quietly, saying, 'I think in this window, if you could fit us in.' So yeah, it's fun. It's weird."
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Murder House took place in Los Angeles in the year 2011, following a family who moved into a house that is haunted by its deceased former occupants. Coven took place in New Orleans in the year 2013, following a group of witches trying to destroy their enemies. While no cast members have been confirmed for this season, it's possible that this crossover may bring back Jessica Lange, who starred in the first four seasons of the show, and Dylan McDermott, who starred in Season 1 and had a cameo appearance in Season 2, Asylum, which was set in a Massachusetts insane asylum in the year 1964.

Exactly two years ago today, Ryan Murphy revealed that, despite the seasons of American Horror Story taking place in different locations and in different years, they are all connected together. The news was revealed as it was confirmed that Lily Rabe would return in American Horror Story: Freak Show as Sister Mary Eunice, her character from American Horror Story: Asylum. This current season of American Horror Story, American Horror Story: Roanoke, has aired seven episodes in its 10-episode run thus far.

Since both Murder House and Coven were set in completely different cities, it's not clear where this American Horror Story crossover season will take place. Regardless, this news seemingly confirms that fans will get at least eight seasons of American Horror Story, even though FX hasn't announced a Season 8 renewal quite yet. Take a look at the video player below, courtesy of Entertainment Weekly, where Ryan Murphy confirms the American Horror Story crossover season between Murder House and Coven.