American Horror Story will continue its Season 2 run throughout the holiday season, with Unholy Night to air this Wednesday, December 5th. In the episode, a homicidal Santa wrecks havoc on Briarcliff while Sister Jude (Jessica Lange) faces off with the devil. The cast of American Horror Story, including Jessica Lange and guest star Ian McShane, have sent out their Holiday greetings, with a wish that God have mercy on your soul. Does the Nativity scene hint at the coming of the Anti-Christ? This would be the cherry on top of American Horror Story: Asylum, a season that has gleefully plowed through almost every horror sub-genre imaginable, including exorcisms, mutants, slasher killers, torture porn, killer Santas, demonic kids, alien abductions, the dangers of drunk driving, Nazis, mad scientists, Tod Browning's Freaks, cannibalism, and torture porn. Are they going to leave anything for Season 3? Or will it be all about fairies and dragons? We'll have to wait until the New Year to find out.

American Horror Story Asylum Happy Holidays