Last night's episode of American Horror Story, which is titled Sojourn, filled in some of the season's largest information gaps, introducing us to members of The Cooperative and an upgraded Mrs. Mead.

Michael Langdon (aka the Antichrist) shows up at the L.A. reservoir to find his allies slaughtered and burned to ashes; while his warlock allies will be missed, the death of Mrs. Mead is unbearable. Cordelia shows up and, in her opinion, the war is over. Without his supporters, Michael would be best advised to accept a truce, search for his inner humanity even. Not a chance! Michael's pissed and wants nothing more than to find a way to resurrect his surrogate mother while simultaneously annihilating the entire Coven.


Michael heads in the wilderness he's so fond of in an attempt to commune with Daddy Satan. After four days without food or water, he's hallucinating a kaleidoscope of food and fever dreams: Grape Fanta and shiny red apples; Mrs. Mead in a nod to 1973's The Exorcist; Anton Levy proclaiming Michael the Alpha and Omega; there's even a Black Phillip knock-off who wanders into Michael's circle only to be slaughtered.

Despondent, Michael wanders back into the city and into a (literally) underground Church of Satan, presided over by the charismatic priestess Hannah (played by Sandra Bernhard). The Antichrist seems almost invisible as he slumps over in the back pew, drawing the attention of kindly Madeline (played by Harriet Sansom Harris). She invites him home for a hot meal, where he reveals his "666" birthmark: Instant BFFs. She brings him back to Hannah's church where Michael proves his mettle by offing two human sacrifices in a single knife-stroke. The All-Sinners Volunteer Choir busts into a chorus of Carmina Burana and the air is filled with exhalations to Satan.


Did I mention Madeline is an elite Satanist with connections to The Cooperative? In exchange for her soul, she scored a lazy boy and weekly carnal connections with Brad Pit and Ryan Reynolds. Now she wants her new BFF to put in a good word with Papa Lucifer: When Michael starts whining about not having a How to Be a Perfect Antichrist manual and missing Mrs. Mead, she introduces him to Jeff and Mutt (Evan Peters and Billy Eichner), a couple of robotics engineers who jumped on the Satan bandwagon in exchange for billions. When Michael shows up at their corporate headquarters, the bowl-headed egg-heads put their sex-robot work on hold in order to gift Michael with an upgraded Mrs. Mead. Just don't tell her she's A.I., they warn Michael, or he's likely to have a Westworld situation on his hands.


Mrs. Mead opens her eyes, and Michael's black heart melts. Now it's time to theorize about the role Jeff and Mutt will play in ushering in the impending Apocalypse. Sojourn also gave us our first look at a pre-Armageddon Wilhemina Venable (Sarah Paulson): She works as a manager for Dumb and Dumber, procuring gallons of cocaine for the dorky duo (in addition to sending dog poop to Mark Zuckerberg on their behalf). We're not used to seeing her in a subservient role, but she's clearly planning to turn some table just as soon as an opportunity presents itself. Check back next Thursday for another recap; American Horror Story: Apocalypse airs on FX.

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