In the second episode of American Horror Story titled The Morning After, a new arrival at Outpost Three poses plenty of terrifying questions, but offers few answers. Plus: The Rubber Man from Murder House makes himself at home.

Michael Langdon's arrival at Outpost Three throws the Ms. Venable's routine into chaos. But nothing less than the fate of humanity hangs in the balance. In the aftermath of the Apocalypse, a group of survivors live together in an underground haven called Outpost Three, a refuge from the radiation fallout, where the matriarchal coven controls its inhabitants and punishes those who violate the rules.


The antichrist (Cody Fern) seems to have brought a slithering slew of snakes with him, and Ms. Miriam Mead (Kathy Bates) is keen to turn the reptiles into soup. Just as the elite Purples are sitting down to consume their fresh meat, the squirming suckers come back to life, causing dinnertime pandemonium.

Everyone gathers in the library to meet Michael Langdon, who delivers bad news followed by good news-followed by more bad news. The other American Outposts have fallen and international locations have all gone silent. Luckily, there's an impenetrable, utopian sanctuary to which Langdon holds the keys. Unfortunately, space is limited and the survivors must pass a rigorous interview (called "Cooperating") in order to be eligible for selection.


Whoever doesn't make the cut will get a nice consolation prize: Suicide pills to be consumed before cannibals rip them to shreds.

Obviously, infighting begins almost immediately. Not only is everyone eager to plead their case to Langdon, they're willing to sabotage one another if it increases their chances for selection.

Mr. Gallant (Evan Peters) is the first to go one-on-one with Langdon, assuring him that, while gay, he's willing to do the deed with fertile women in order to perpetuate the human race. The fact that intercourse is no longer necessary for procreation is less surprising than Langdon's admission that he doesn't believe in God. Chew on that one for a second.


Meanwhile, teenage lovebirds Timothy Campbell (played by Kyle Allen) and Emily (played by Ash Santos) are getting sick of rationing their love with a singe kiss a week. They decide to see what this Langdon guy is all about by sneaking into his office. A wide-open laptop reveals that Venable (Sarah Paulson) has been lying about The Cooperative's no sex under penalty of death rule. Time to fuck!

We're pleased and intrigued by the arrival of The Rubber Man from Murder House; we're not sure exactly how this works as Tate (Peters) is bound to the Los Angeles house he died in, but maybe all the rules went out the window when the bombs dropped. Anyway, Gallant wrongly assumes it's Langdon and engages in some explicit butt sex. It's funny to imaging Peters actually buggering himself!


Gallant's nana (Joan Collins) catches her grandson in the act and quickly snitches to Mead. This leads to Gallant getting whipped by Venable, humiliated by Langdon, and prompting him into a confrontation with Evie.

Langdon and Venable but heads and, during their heated exchange, he demands that she disrobe. She grudgingly reveals some painful looking scars on her back. It looks to me like someone had her angel wings removed.

As the radio switches from The Morning After to another tune (one I don't recognize) Gallant follows The Rubber Man to his room where he stabs him to death before realizing-it's his nana!


Meanwhile, Venable condemns the teenage lovebirds, who are taking away, kicking and screaming, to the decontamination room for immediate dispatch. In a quick move, Timothy disarms Mead's goon and shoots the enforcer. As Mead stumbles backwards in shock, she grasps at her wound, revealing milky white guts that look like Bishop's innards in Alien. We're not sure if this means she's an android, but she sure as hell isn't human!

Next week's episode is titled "Forbidden Fruit" and takes place on Halloween-and we all know what that means! In the world of American Horror Story, Halloween is the one night a year the dead can walk the earth. Check back next Thursday for another recap; American Horror Story: Apocalypse airs on FX.

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