The Coven is back together and even Stevie Nicks stops in for a visit. Michael Langdon (aka The Antichrist) performs the Seven Wonder becoming the first Male Supreme setting into motion the inevitable American Horror Story: Apocalypse.

Like last week's episode, "Boy Wonder" takes place in the past (pre-Nuclear Winter), starting immediately where we left off. When Cordelia Goode (Sarah Paulson) fainted at the sight of Michael Langdon (Cody Fern) with Madison Montgomery (Emma Roberts) and Queenie (Gabourey Sidibe), she had a vision of the apocalyptic wasteland of the future. Before being devoured George A. Romero-style by a horde of cannibals, she's taunted by an imposing demon with a white face.

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After regaining her composure at The Hawthorn School for Warlocks (the future Outpost Three), Cordelia is ready to meet Michael (aka The Antichrist aka Boy Wonder). The reunited Coven face off against Hawthorn's council of Chancellors and, much to the disdain of her fellow conjurers, Cordelia agrees to allow Michael to attempt the Seven Wonders, potentially clearing a path for the first Male Supreme-and the first 5th Level Warlock in history.

Myrtle Snow (played by Frances Conroy) is especially perturbed but Cordelia explains that it's a calculated risk. She shares her vision of the pale demon and their precious Robichaux's Academy reduced to cinders. We're given a further dip into the past, allowing us a look at Robichaux's during better days. We find out that Mallory (Billie Lourd) was a talented pupil with future Supreme potential. Her classmate, Coco St. Pierre Vanderbilt (Leslie Grossman), on the other hand, was little more than a human gluten detector; before arriving at the Academy, she was a sort of pastry whisperer for Beverly Hills socialites.

During a pre-performance ritual anointment for Michael, John Henry Moore (Cheyenne Jackson) gets a glimpse at the white-faced demon from Cordelia's vision superimposed over the Boy Wonder's face. The red flags are too numerous to ignore, so he sets out on a fact-finding mission. His plan was to team-up with Cordelia and company in New Orleans, but he's intercepted at a gas station by Mrs. Mead (Kathy Bates). She plays helpless old lady in order to slash Moore's Achilles tendons before turning him into human bar-b-que. It turns out Mead was tipped off by Chancellor Ariel (Jon Jon Briones) who wants nothing more than to topple the Matriarchy by any means necessary. He likes it best when men are on top.

Michael performs the Seven Wonders, and we're given the highlights silent movie-style: Telekinesis, Transmutation... pyrotechnics (cut me some slack, there were a bunch of them!), etc. He accomplishes the first six tasks with ease, but Cordelia ups the ante for the final, most dangerous challenge: Venturing into Hell. Not only must Michael make it into the Underworld and back again, he's charged with rescuing Misty Day (Lily Rabe) who's been dissecting an endless stream of live animals since Season 3. Though his masters protest, Michael succeeds and history is made. But as one Supreme is revealed, another's begins to fade, so Cordelia and her team will have to work fast if they still plan on thwarting Armageddon.

Misty's grateful to be home, but her time in Hell has left her with a serious case of PTSD. Not only that, her rescue by Michael was traumatizing. In addition to giving her teacher a quick vivisection and wearing "the perfume of death" he turned all of Misty's young classmates into nerve-shredding creepers with white eyes; each opened their mouth and released a garble of satanic noises. Things seem bleak, for certain, but Stevie Nicks arrives to give everyone a much-needed reprieve.

As Misty receives a Gypsy serenade, a peace settles between witches and warlocks; warmth and tenderness fill the air and feverish tensions seem to dissolve. Michael, however, looked pained and bored by the maudlin display of tenderness and, in the distance, there's a faint thunder; it's not unlike the footsteps of an approaching T-Rex in Jurassic Park. Behind closed doors, Cordelia sends Madison on a quest to dig up dirt on the new Supreme; an eavesdropping Behold Chablis (Billy Porter) is talked into tagging along, making him a potential destination. Their destination: Murder House.

Next week's episode takes us back to the very beginning, and we've got a lot of questions that need answering: Jessica Lange will return as Constance Langdon and will hopefully explain how Michael ended up in Mrs. Mead's charge. We'd also like to know what Cordelia's plan entails and why Mallory and Coco had their memories mangled. And is there any reason to hope that the Coven will be successful, considering Apocalypse premiered with the end of the world as we know it? Are the events that transpired in Episode One set in stone, or is the future nebulous and malleable, like a Terminator movie?

Before we get any of these answers, the ghosts who inhabit Murder House will need to speak. Check back next Thursday for another recap; American Horror Story: Apocalypse airs on FX.

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