The first full-length American Horror Story Season 9 trailer has arrived and it's full of 1980s nostalgia. Ryan Murphy and FX have released several teasers for the upcoming ninth season of the horror anthology series, but this is our best look at it yet. Murphy was not messing around when he said he was going for a 1980s slasher vibe as the trailer makes it look like the season came straight out of 1984. A lot of the most famous slasher tropes are on full display, but what will the twist be?

American Horror Story: 1984 finds Cody Fern, Emma Roberts, and Billie Lourd as they head off to become camp counselors for the summer. However, things immediately don't go as planned as they hit someone with their van on the way out to camp. Throughout the trailer, we're given hints of Mr. Jingles, the man terrorizing the camp and killing its guests. We also learn that he escaped from a mental hospital. From the music, to the way it's shot, the whole trailer has a deep 1980s vibe to it.

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With the homage being laid on so thick in American Horror Story: 1984, one has to wonder what Ryan Murphy and crew have done to make it stand on its own. A full season of slasher antics will surely be accepted by horror fans, but Murphy doesn't always play by predetermined rules when making the popular show. Some fans were under the assumption that the slasher tactic was a clever ploy to turn around and deliver something else entirely. That speculation looks like it can be laid to rest now that it looks like it's going to be full on slasher horror. Regardless, we won't have to wait long to find out what exactly is going on in American Horror Story: 1984 since it premieres in less than a month from now.

In addition to Cody Fern, Emma Roberts and Billie Lourd, American Horror Story: 1984 also stars Gus Kenworthy, Leslie Grossman, John Carroll Lynch, Zach Villa, DeRon Horton, Matthew Morrison, and Angelica Ross. FX Productions CEO John Landgraf recently had nothing but great things to say about Ryan Murphy's approach to making the horror anthology series and is confident fans will enjoy season 9 without Sarah Paulson, who was too busy to participate due to her working Murphy on two other projects.

American Horror Story: 1984 premieres September 18th, exclusively on FX. So far, all of the promotional material has been pretty dark with some humor, so many are hoping for a little bit of the lighthearted humor with some truly terrifying moments. Thankfully, it looks like Ryan Murphy had the same plan when he was outlining season 9. You can watch the trailer for American Horror Story: 1984 below, thanks to the FX Networks YouTube channel.