Fans of American Horror Stories will be happy to know that spin-off anthology series based on the original anthology series will be returning with a second season in 2022. The season one finale, with the title of "Game Over", will premiere this week on FX on Hulu and whatever the viewing figures the new show has done enough already to make sure that we haven't seen the last of this format of American Horror Story output. The first season contained hour-long episodes that are all independent of each other, with the first and last episodes linking back to the where it all started at the Murder House.

Deadline reported that the show has exceeded all expectations becoming the most successful launch of any show on FX on Hulu, and that sits nicely in preparation for the arrival of season 10 of the main show, American Horror Story: Double Feature, which kicks off on FX on August 25th.

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American Horror Stories is created by Ryan Murphy, who tweeted the news of the renewal, and Brad Falchuck and sees the return of many AHS alums including Matt Bomer, Billie Lourd, John Carroll Lynch and Naomi Grossman as well as many guest stars new to the franchise including action legend Danny Trejo, Madison Bailey and Paris Jackson.

While all this sounds good for fans, reviews of the show have been very mixed and in some cases so brutal they could be part of their own American Horror Story. There seemed to be a running theme in many reviews that people wanted to like the show based on its history, but the same complaints about the quality of writing, a general lack of AHS spark and that it seemed to be aiming for the wrong kind of audience.

One viewer said, "So far, this new series seems to lack the spark of the original series. Besides the more seasoned actors, the other acting seems robotic. It's as though I'm having a dream about American Horror Story; some of the people and scenery are familiar, but there's something off. This may be appealing to those CW fans who value style over substance, but for me I need more than just pretty people who kill. However, I want to be fair so I'll keep watching to see where this goes."

Another went all out to give the show one star out of ten, commenting, "Absolutely terrible in every way so terrible I've never left a show or movie review before but this show drove me to do it. I mean let's be honest here AHS it's self completely sucked after the hotel season and that's generous. I'm so tired of hoping for another season 1 or 2 quality season or even a episode and it just straight sucking. I'd rather go to an amusement park and watch the workers clean the vomit off the ground then this show."

It seems like many of the shows better reviews were based off the first episode and perhaps rode on the nostalgic throwback to the franchise's first season. It will be interesting to see if any opinions are changed by the season finale, which once again visits familiar territory. Either way it looks like many will be hoping the second season manages to right the wrongs of the first.