Margot Robbie is getting into the world of horror. Robbie's production company is currently developing a small screen adaptation of Elizabeth Massie's book series Ameri-Scares. There is no current home for the project at this time, but Robbie and crew aim to have it either debut on a streaming service or network at this time. The show is being described as a "family-friendly horror anthology with a road-trip spirit." Every episode in the new show takes place in a "different state and center on notorious local legends or spooky historical events."

Margot Robbie, Brett Hedblom, and Josey McNamara are producing Ameri-Scares for their LuckyChap Entertainment, which produced the upcoming Birds of Prey and I, Tonya. Elizabeth Massie's original novels are aimed at readers aged 8 to 13 and it is believed the new show will stay within that parameter, while attracting older ages too. Robbie had this to say about taking on the Ameri-Scares series.

"With Ameri-Scares we saw the perfect opportunity for us to delve into the horror space, and tell the kind of unique and scary stories we used to tell each other around the campfire or at sleepovers as kids. We're excited to team with our partners at Assemble and Warner Horizon to bring Elizabeth Massie's cross-country series of thrilling mysteries and haunting folk stories to life."

Elizabeth Massie fans are sure to be excited about the Ameri-Scares TV series. However, the project is still in its infancy and it still has quite a ways to go before we end up seeing it. Margot Robbie's LuckyChap is partnering with Warner Horizon to make the adaptation. Brendan Deneen, Assemble's president of Literary an IP Development, also released a statement about the forthcoming series, which you can read below.

"As fans of horror fiction that appeals to both teens and adults alike, we knew as soon as we read Ameri-Scares that Elizabeth had created something very special and of-the-moment. We're thrilled to be working with LuckyChap and Warner Horizon on this spooky new series."

Elizabeth Massie's Ameri-Scares started in 2013 and currently consists eight novels including the states of California, New York, Virginia, Tennessee, North Carolina, and Maryland. Michigan and West Virginia are the latest books in the series and were written by Steven Mark Rainey. The horror genre as a whole is going through a big popularity boost at the moment, thanks to recent big screen reboots and remakes making some serious cash at the box office.

There is not a timetable set up for Ameri-Scares at the moment, but writers and a director will more than likely be the next announcements. Elizabeth Massie has been writing novels and short stories, mostly in the horror genre, since 1983. She has won two Bram Stoker Awards for her horror work. Hopefully the new series will give her a significant boost too. The Ameri-Scares news was first reported by Deadline.