The ongoing Harvey Weinstein sex scandal has brought forth a tidal wave of accusations by many men and women in Hollywood, exposing the sexual misconduct by others in the industry. Now, former Smallville star Allison Mack has been accused of being the second in command of a sex cult, as hard as that may be to believe. The group is billed as a sorority, which is part of the "self-help" group NXIVM, which has recently been exposed as a cult by former members.

Allison Mack, who played Chloe Sullivan on Smallville, is said to be the top woman in the group, called DOS. She's second in charge only to the group's founder, Keith Raniere, who the actress has worked with previously. Ex-members of NXIVM told the New York Times recently that the group, though billed as a self-help group, serves as a cult. People at the highest levels of the group have dedicated themselves full-time to founder Keith Raniere and his teachings.

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Frank Parlato, a former publicist for NXIVM, who worked for them for less than a year, recently detailed the inner-workings of DOS, the sex cult that operates within NXIVM. At the time, he claimed an actress was helping to recruit for the group, but didn't provide a name. Today, it's been revealed that the actress is allegedly Allison Mack, though her representatives have not been reached to comment on the matter at this time. Here's what Parlato had to say about the inner workings of the group in an interview with The Sun recently.

"The worrying part of all this is that there are still women captured in this cult maintaining 500 to 800 calories a day diets, sleep deprived, brainwashed and with the leader of the cult holding blackmail-worthy material in his possession which he has threatened to release if they leave the cult. I have spoken to about a dozen escaped members. I have seen many texts including correspondence between a 'master' and a 'slave'. I believe there are currently 70 or 80 women in the cult now, but not all of them have been branded. You don't get branded right away. The branding is done by surprise and without disclosure. You are told you are going to get a tiny tattoo and you end up being pinned down, no anesthesia, while a doctor takes a hot iron and slowly brands you with about 50 to 100 strokes of this two inch by two inch brand. It looks like a symbol but it is actually Raniere's initials, KR and the actress's."

On Frank Parlato's personal blog, The Frank Report, he has images of these brands. One of which has the initials KR and, following suit with this latest report, the other brand has the initials AM, for Allison Mack. Even though Mack and her representatives have yet to comment on the allegations, NXIVM did release a statement on the matter, saying they're false.

"The allegations relayed in the story are built upon sources, some of which are under criminal investigation or already indicted, who act as a coordinated group. We will explore any and all legal remedies to correct these lies."

Earlier this week, Dynasty star Catherine Oxenberg revealed that her daughter had been taken in by the group and detailed her experience for prosecutors in New York. While this detailed report, courtesy of Daily Mail, is shocking, it should be noted that Allison Mack does say Keith Raniere has been a personal mentor of hers on her official website.