The Alien movie series is currently sitting dormant, with its future not exactly clear. It's safe to say that the past couple installments of the ongoing series weren't quite the big-hitters at the box office that they were expected to be. Still, the franchise is very popular, so maybe it was just about taking a different approach to telling new stories set in the Alien universe. There have been rumors that the Xenomorphs will next invade the small screen with a TV series adaptation, and according to a new report, that information is true. In fact, according to a new report, there isn't just one Alien TV show in the works, but two!

Rumor is, Ridley Scott will be attached to one of the series as an executive producer. This project would be shot for Hulu as an exclusive original series for the streaming service. It's likely Scott would involve his production company Scott Free Productions, as he did for a robot series he's currently working on for TNT called Raised By Wolves. As that show is currently shooting in South Africa, the potential Alien series for Hulu may be on the backburner until Scott's schedule clears up. Obviously, it's way too early for there to be any public details about the rumored show, as it hasn't even been officially announced. The report only suggests that the series could go on for multiple seasons, exploring different areas of the Alien canonicity.

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As for the second planned series, no further details are offered. Without it being specified that another show would be made for Hulu, chances are it would be a program developed for another network. Perhaps one series will be directly tied to the Alien movies, while another could serve as a reimagining or even an animated series. With Nickelodeon reportedly developing an animated Star Trek series aimed at kids, it would seem that anything is possible. In any case, all we can do now is speculate. For now, let's take it with a grain of salt, because even if the rumors are true, projects such as this always have the potential of falling apart in the early planning stages.

The last movie in the franchise to hit theaters was 2017's Alien: Covenant. Directed by Ridley Scott, the movie stars Michael Fassbender, Katherine Waterston, Billy Crudup, Danny McBride, and Demian Bichir. A sequel to Prometheus, it takes place place in the years between that movie and the original Alien. Intended to be the first of a new movie trilogy, sequel plans stalled following the movie's lukewarm reception. It's very well possible that a continuation of Covenant could be one of the two rumored Alien series in the works.

The reports about the two Alien shows have not yet been substantiated, and can best be looked at as merely rumors at this time. If accurate, the cat is out of the bag, and we should hopefully find out some more info about both of these projects in the near future. This information comes to us from HN Entertainment.