It's time to return to the Alien universe as Fox has announced the first-ever official digital series set within the franchise. Alien Isolation, based on the 2014 video game of the same name, is coming our way for seven episodes that will all be released online at the same time so Xenomorph lovers can binge the whole thing in one sitting, if they so please. A trailer has been released to reveal the series, which arrives online tomorrow.

We've been hearing rumors of a TV series set within the Alien universe for months now. Those rumors, at least in part, turned out to be true. That's not to say there aren't other projects, possibly live-action ones, in the works as well, but this is coming our way for sure, and soon. This will be the first significant project in the franchise since director Ridley Scott's Alien: Covenant, which was released in 2017 and failed to live up to expectations at the box office.

Reverse Engineering Studios and DVgroup partnered with Fox to bring the series to life. The series will use cutscenes from the game and interweave them with brand new animation to expand upon the story told in the 2014 video game. The story introduced us to Amanda Ripley, who has become a fan-favorite character. The game was praised for its horror roots, much like the original movie, as opposed to taking an action-heavy approach. The trailer speaks to that, as it goes heavy on the scares and mystery. Even though it isn't live-action, this feels like a proper Alien story.

Alien: Isolation takes place fifteen years after the deep-space freighter Nostromo disappeared, along with its crew. Amanda Ripley, for all that time, has dug deep for information about her mother, Ellen Ripley, who was aboard the Nostromo. When representatives from the Weyland-Yutani Corporation approach Amanda with news that the Nostromo's flight recorder has finally been found and brought to the space station Sevastopol, she's quick to join the expedition. But when upon her arrival, she walks into a living nightmare. The station's inhabitants have been tormented and hunted by a mysterious creature. Now she and a band of survivors must confront the same lethal species that changed her mother's fate forever; the deadly Xenomorph.

The real question is to what degree is this going to be considered canon. Is Amanda Ripley now in the same continuity as the movies? This also comes just months, if not only weeks, before the Disney merger with Fox closes. At that time, the Mouse House will be in control of the franchise in the future. While there are ways that the Xenomorphs can continue to exist on screen at that time, the fate of the franchise is ultimately much more uncertain once that deal closes. Be sure to check out the Alien: Isolation series trailer below ahead of its debut tomorrow on IGN.