After the massive success of the Veronica Mars movie's Kickstarter campaign, rock legend Alice Cooper is using the crowd-funding website for his own project entitled Uncle Alice Presents, which will become a comic book series, a graphic novel, and a TV pilot with your help. Check out the trailer and Kickstarter video for this project, along with some early artwork, then read on for more information.

Uncle Alice Presents Promo Art 1
Uncle Alice Presents Promo Art 2
Uncle Alice Presents Promo Art 3
Uncle Alice Presents Promo Art 4

The campaign is asking for $200,000 for a 12-episode comic book series, created by Tom Sheppard (The Annoying Orange), which will lead to the compilation graphic novel and possibly the TV pilot. Here's a description of the potential comic book and TV series from the official Kickstarter page.

"This is not some hoary tribute to EC Comics. Sure, it's a comic book anthology horror series, graphic novel, and, if you demand it, a television series, but all comparisons end there. Unlike your mommy's quaint horror comics of yore, Uncle Alice Presents is the one and only horror series brought to you by and featuring the visionary maestro of shock rock himself, Alice Cooper. That's right, Alice freakin' Cooper!

Created by Tom Sheppard (co-creator of and show runner for The Annoying Orange), join us on this epic adventure to publish all twelve comic book issues of Uncle Alice Presents, along with the compilation graphic novel, and hopefully the television pilot. We'll even let one lucky backer come up with the idea for one of the comic books!

Umcle Alice is our demented, blood-soaked host, and the gatekeeper of the netherworld between heaven and hell. This series will present horror tales that push well past the boundaries of taste - stories that feel as if they were ripped from the very fabric of Alice's nightmares.

Through Uncle Alice's twisted lens, witness a shock-rock, genre-bending take on all things awful and icky. With a tawdry 1970's grindhouse drive-in movie feel, and a sardonic tone somewhere between the tongue-in-cheek The Cabin in the Woods and the exploitative hyper realism of The Last House on the Left, it's our intention that every sordid tale Uncle Alice Presents will leave the audience screaming... for more, freaked out, and possibly in need of a shower - just the way you feel after an awesome (is there any other kind?) Alice Cooper concert. Welcome to my nightmare, I hope I didn't scare you..."

The project currently has over $49,000 in donations with just 10 days left to donate. You can CLICK HERE to visit the Kickstarter page and learn more about the project, and the rewards you get for donating.