Jennifer Garner has responded favorably to the suggestion of a reboot to the once popular action television series Alias. With the show ending back in 2006, fans have wondered whether we would ever return to the shady world of covert agent Sydney Bristow, with Garner now revealing that she would very much love a comeback.

"Sign me up."
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Jennifer Garner quickly threw down her approval of the idea of bringing the series back, before joking that she'll "grab Bradley [Cooper, her former co-star and dear friend] by the scruff of his neck." Broadcast on ABC for five seasons, Alias was created by J. J. Abrams (Star Wars: The Force Awakens}, Star Trek) and follows Garner as Sydney Bristow, a double agent for the Central Intelligence Agency who must tackle the complexities of having several undercover identities at once, posing as an operative for SD-6, a worldwide criminal and espionage organization.

The series was well received by both critics and audiences alike, earning several nominations along the way and putting Jennifer Garner on the Hollywood map. Alias featured all the suspense, thrills, action, cliff-hangers and over-the-top storylines that make for great event TV, with the show garnering a passionate following who have no doubt been wondering some time whether the series would ever be brought back for more.

Garner remains a very popular talent, with the actress due to team up with J.J. Abrams again for a limited series which many had believed at the time to be an Alias return. Instead, the Apple series will be based on the 2017 memoir "My Glory Was I Had Such Friends," by Amy Silverstein, which follows a group of women who supported Silverstein as she waited for a second life-saving heart transplant.

Garner is also due to appear in Netflix's sci-fi adventure The Adam Project, alongside Ryan Reynolds, Jennifer Garner, Zoe Saldana, Mark Ruffalo, Catherine Keener, Alex Mallari Jr. and Walker Scobell. The Adam Project centers on the younger version of Reynolds' character, Adam Reed aged 13, as he continues to grieve the sudden death of his father a year earlier. One night, Adam walks into his garage to find a wounded pilot hiding there, a pilot who seems oddly familiar. This mysterious pilot, played by Deadpool star Ryan Reynolds, turns out to be the older version of himself from the future, where time travel is in its infancy. He has risked everything to come back in time on a secret mission and together they must embark on an adventure into the past to find their father, set things right, and save the world. Garner is on board to play the titular character's mother.

Jennifer Garner can next be seen in Yes Day, which is due to be released on March 12, 2021, by Netflix. Directed by Miguel Arteta, Yes Day follows the comical escapades of parents Allison Torres and Carlos Torres who, after always feeling like they have to say "no" to their kids and co-workers, decide to give their three kids a "YES DAY", where for 24 hours the kids make the rules.

Is an Alias reboot something you'd like to see? Or should the hit show just be left alone? This comes to us courtesy of The Hollywood Reporter.