Jeopardy! host Alex Trebek couldn't help but get a little emotional when a contestant wrote a very touching answer for him on the latest episode of the popular game show series. Earlier this year, Trebek revealed he had been diagnosed with pancreatic cancer, but he said he was fighting the disease head-on with no plans to step down as the Jeopardy host. In the "Final Jeopardy" round of Monday evening's episode, one of the contestants surprised Trebek by writing a very kind message of support for his answer, leaving the Jeopardy host choked up. You can watch a clip of the moment below.

As seen in the clip, the contestants were asked to answer a question about the title of an 1890 exposé of poverty in New York slums. One contestant, who wagered $1995 against his total of $2000 to be left with $5, had his answer first read by Trebek, simply reading: "Who is... we love you Alex!" Taken aback, Alex Trebek tells the contestant the gesture was "very kind," and the Jeopardy host momentarily chokes up before moving on to reveal the answers from the other contestants. Even in his state of suffering, Trebek showed just how much of a pro he has always been and continues to be by picking right back up to finish the show.


In March of this year, Alex Trebek was diagnosed with stage IV pancreatic cancer. Although the prognosis was grim, Trebek made it clear he would aggressively fight the disease with no immediate plans to leave Jeopardy - just months prior, he had signed a contract extension keeping him as the host of the show until at least 2022. Last month, Trebek provided an update on his condition, suggesting he was nearing the end of his life but is still "not afraid of dying." However, Trebek also revealed he has been developing sores in his mouth due as a side effect from his chemotherapy, suggesting this may lead to him stepping down from Jeopardy once his condition gets to a certain point.


One of the reasons so many people care as much as they do about Trebek is that the man has been a fixture in millions of households for several decades. Alex Trebek has been hosting Jeopardy since rebooting the classic game show in 1984, forever becoming synonymous with the popular program. Most all of us can remember watching Trebek hosting Jeopardy with our families at some point in our lives, and especially after so many years, people really grew to appreciate Trebek's television presence in our homes.

We're rooting for Alex and wishing him all the best with his continued cancer treatment. From his view, it must certainly help for the TV legend to see just how much he is loved and appreciated for all of the work he's done over the past several decades. This is further evidenced by the episode leading to #WeLoveYouAlex trending on social media. The video clip of the touching moment from Jeopardy shown above comes to us courtesy of WSLS 10 on YouTube.