Alex Trebek might be fighting for his life as his battle with cancer continues, but the Jeopardy host is still finding the time to think about others who are suffering. As reported by TMZ, Trebek recently made a hefty donation to the tune of $100,000 to the Hope of Valley Rescue Mission, a Los Angeles-based nonprofit focused on reducing homelessness, hunger, and poverty. Every year, the program serves nearly 300,000 hot meals and offers shelter at night for 93,000 homeless individuals, and Trebek's new donation will go a long way towards keeping the nonprofit running.

According to Hope of Valley Rescue Mission founder and CEO Ken Craft, this is not even the first time Trebek has donated to the organization, as he has consistently donated to the nonprofit over the years. Still, this particularly large donation surprised Craft, who revealed Trebek had personally requested to tour a new North Hollywood shelter which will include 85 beds. After the tour, Trebek brought Craft to his home to speak more about the shelter's development. "I hope this helps a little bit," Trebek reportedly told Craft as he gave him an envelope with a check for $100,000 inside.


Trebek clearly feels very passionate for the cause of the organization, and also made it known to his studio audience during a taping of Jeopardy!. Inviting Craft and his wife to the show, Trebek brought the pair onto the stage during a commercial break to explain what it is that they do and how important it is to care for the homeless. "I don't normally do this, but I wanted to bring these two people on stage because they are making a difference in L.A.," Trebek is said to have told the crowd. In addition to offering monetary donations, increasing awareness for the cause is another way to help the nonprofit and others like it.


Last year, Trebek told Jeopardy viewers he had been given the grim diagnosis of stage IV pancreatic cancer. Despite the low survival rates, however, Trebek said he would fight the disease with every intention to overcome it, remaining as the host of Jeopardy in the meantime. Though the TV star continues to battle the deadly illness, he has continued to regularly work with Jeopardy as he has for decades with no signs of slowing down just yet. We certainly wish Alex all the best with his ongoing battle and hoping for the best possible outcome.

Because of his contributions and continued charitable assistance, Slate also revealed a wing of the new shelter will be named after Trebek and his wife, Jean. Whenever the time comes for Trebek to leave us, be it through his battle with cancer or otherwise, Trebek is going to be well-remembered for many years to come, and let's hope others with the means to help can learn from his example. Hang in there, Alex, and thank you for everything that you do. This news comes to us from TMZ.