Eleventh Hour Films has teamed up with ITV for a new action TV series based on Anthony Horowitz's Alex Rider novels. The character was previously adapted for the big screen with the 2006 feature film Alex Rider: Operation Stormbreaker, with Alex Pettyfer starring as the title character. It wasn't revealed if there are any specific books this TV series will be based on, but the news comes just as author Anthony Horowitz releases the 11th book in his series, Never Say Die, debuting June 1 in the U.K. and October 10 in the U.S.

Variety reports that Guy Burt (The Borgias) will write the pilot script. The TV series will reportedly be aimed at a slightly different audience than the books, which skew towards teenage boys, with the show being presented as an "event drama" for family audiences. Here's what Guy Burt had to say in his statement about coming aboard this new TV series.

"I've been a big fan of Anthony's books for years and their combination of adrenaline-fueled plot lines, cool characters and coming-of-age story make them superb material for adaptation. The dangers are genuine, the themes topical and the long-form television format gives me license to go deeper into the world of Alex and the characters that surround him."

The books follow the adventures of a teenage spy named Alex Rider, and his missions to save the world. Anthony Horowitz launched the novel series in 2000 with Stormbreaker, followed by 2001's Point Blanc, 2002's Skeleton Key, 2003's Eagle Strike, 2004's Scorpia, 2005's Ark Angel, 2007's Snakehead, 2009's Crocodile Tears, 2011's Scorpia Rising and 2013's Russian Roulette. Here's what Anthony Horowitz had to say about bringing Guy Burt aboard to write the script.

"Guy is cleverly expanding the characters whilst staying true to the spirit of the original novels to ensure that the series will appeal to both loyal fans and a new generation of viewers."

Anthony Horowitz had previously announced that his novel series was concluded after the 10th book, but said he was inspired to continue these tales, while preparing a collection of Alex Rider short stories, that will debut in 2018. No production schedule was given for this TV adaptation, or if it will find a U.S. network home as well. Hopefully we'll have more on this Alex Rider TV series soon. Guy Burt most recently wrote for the U.K. shows Tutankhamun and Beowulf: Return to the Shieldlands.