The seventh season of ABC's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. finds the group of agents stranded in the year 1931, New York City. Tasked with completing a mission that will affect the past, present, and future in equal measure, this is also the final rodeo for the actors comprising the main cast, as it is the final season of the show. Collider interviewed Clark Gregg, who plays Agent Phil Coulson in both the MCU and on the show, about the end of the series. The actor talked about much love and gratitude he has for the opportunities the character provided him with.

"I can't believe it. You turn around and, all of a sudden, it's over. Iron Man was in 2008, so it's been 12 years. There was a lot of stuff in between, especially during the movie years. I wouldn't trade any of it. It's been an amazing ride. I've made some really great friends. I've gotten to play so many different versions of this really fun, cool character that I love, and interact and meet so many fans around the world. I've got nothing but gratitude."
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Phil Coulson has been one of the very few characters to cross over between TV and the MCU, a frequent point of contention among fans of the television series who wanted to see their favorite characters interact with the Avengers.

But for Clark Gregg, working on the movies and working on the show were both very positive experiences, and for the same main reason, which is the camaraderie between the main cast.

"It's the relationships and the people that I was in those early MCU movies with. When I see them, there's a brotherhood or sisterhood. We did something together that really was special and became part of a different kind of storytelling, in my view, of movies that were each a chapter in a bigger story. And I feel the same way, and in some ways even deeper, with my S.H.I.E.L.D. team, from Chloe [Bennet] and Iain [De Caestecker] and Elizabeth [Henstridge] and Ming [Na Wen], and then later Henry [Simmons], and a lot of the other people who have come along, and the amazing guest stars, the ones that I miss so much, like Bill Paxton and Ruth Negga. The people that I got to meet and work, and were improved by working with, and the writers and directors, really just made my life richer, so I'm really grateful to all of them."

With the triumphant note on which the MCU ended last year, wrapping up loose ends for multiple major characters and providing more than a few whistle-worthy moments for fans to cheer in the theaters, the pressure is on Agents of Shield to also serve up a show-stopping finale that caps off seven years worth of storytelling. And Gregg feels they have more than risen to the challenge.

"What I love about what our writers did, was that they went, "Okay, then let's have the most fun possible. Let's go full sci-fi with space demons and an evil alter-ego for Coulson. And then, in the last season, we'll go popping through different decades, and we'll make the most out of what those decades represent, in style and tone. And we'll put our very diverse cast in different time periods, where diversity is a challenge for people, and really make the most out of that and have fun with it." We're going out with a, we have nothing to prove to anybody but ourselves, bang."

This news was first shared by Collider.