A new alternative to World Wrestling Entertainment will be hitting the small screen this fall, as All Elite Wrestling is set to premiere on TNT on Wednesday, Oct. 2. New episodes will then follow at the same time every following Wednesday, meaning there's a new kid in town WWE might want to watch out for. The release date was confirmed in a video teaser released from the league's official Twitter account, so wrestling fans now know what date to mark on their calendars to see what an alternate wrestling program has to offer.

You could say that it's a smart strategy to first premiere the new wrestling show on Wednesday nights. WWE airs their flagship show Raw on Monday nights, with Smackdown following on Friday evenings. This means AEW isn't jumping straight into a head-to-head competition with the world's biggest wrestling company just yet, giving the company some time to build up their audience first on a night with no other wrestling shows on TV. If all goes well and AEW sees plenty of upward growth in its future, it's possible they'll one day opt to go to the next level and present a new version of the Monday Night Wars, which had wrestling fans flipping back and forth between WWE and WCW in the late '90s.

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At this stage, AEW has only offered a few shows for fans, each of which was only available on pay-per-view. However, even for those who haven't seen them, the shows have generated a lot of discussion. There's something about this new league that's different from some of the other smaller competitors which have made the rounds on TV, such as Ring of Honor and Impact Wrestling. The shows have been very well-reviewed, which in the age of the internet, has done wonders in helping to spread awareness of the brand. Not everyone might be willing to shell out money for a pay-per-view put on by a new company, but many may still check out what they have to offer when the new league makes its way to TNT.

On the AEW roster, WWE fans will recognize many familiar faces. One of the most well-known names to be included is Chris Jericho, who first became popular in WCW and won multiple world titles in WWE. The sons of Dusty Rhodes, Cody Rhodes and Dustin "Goldust" Rhodes, are also a part of the company as well. However, there seems to be just as much of an emphasis on highlighting some of the best indie talent the business has to offer. Fans who appreciate true mat wrestling will enjoy matches put on by the likes of the Young Bucks, Kenny Omega, and actor Luke Perry's son who goes by the name Jungle Boy. Some WWE fans will tune in to see the people they recognize, and the plan for AEW seems to be to keep them watching by putting on a quality product.

Time will tell if enough wrestling fans tune in to TNT this fall to check out AEW to make the company a success. It's extremely unlikely the league will premiere with ratings comparable to WWE, but if they consistently put on good shows, then Vince McMahon might have something to worry about. For now, you can check out a promo video released for this fall's premiere, courtesy of AEW on Twitter.