Rick and Morty may be embarking on their most bizarre adventure yet, as the animated duo will soon be crossing over into the wacky world of professional wrestling. The rookie wrestling league All Elite Wrestling took to Twitter on Thursday to tease an apparent Rick and Morty crossover for their weekly AEW Dynamite wrestling show. Along with an image of the two, AEW welcomes Rick and Morty by referring to them as "All Elite." No other details about the crossover were revealed, but the tweet tells fans to "find out more" by watching the Oct. 30 edition of AEW Dynamite on TNT.

Now, obviously, animated characters can only do so much with a live wrestling program. If the two appear for a special segment on the show, it seems probable that it would be in the form of an exclusive video shown to the crowd. This would certainly open the door for Rick and his timid grandson to crack some jokes about the televised spectacle that is professional wrestling. However, because there aren't many other details about the crossover, it's hard to say just how Rick and Morty will factor into the show. However, AEW star Cody Rhodes revealed ticket holders at the event will be given masks of the two characters, so at the very least, we'll be seeing what might appear to be a large crowd of Rick and Morty clones watching the live wrestling program.

Although AEW Dynamite is still a relatively new television show, it has already featured another notable crossover. On the debut episode of the series, Jay and Silent Bob Reboot stars Kevin Smith and Jason Mewes were shown in the front row, where they stayed for the entirety of the program to enjoy the action. They also took some time to promote their new movie, which just so happens to feature an appearance from AEW champion Chris Jericho. Smith would later reveal that he was also scheduled to appear on a wrestling show put on by rival organization WWE along with Mewes that same week, only for WWE to nix the spot based on their appearance on AEW programming.

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The wrestling world has been rather exciting for sports entertainment fans in recent weeks with the introduction of AEW Dynamite. With the program airing directly against WWE's NXT wrestling show on USA Network, there's been a bit of a wrestling ratings war for the past several Wednesdays. Although AEW would seem to be the underdog going up against the well-established brand that is WWE, the new wrestling league has found some instant success by defeating NXT in the ratings every single week. To maintain this momentum, there's no telling who AEW will be turning "All Elite" next.

As for Rick and Morty, we'll all be able to see them back where they belong with new episodes on Adult Swim soon enough. Season 4 of the hit animated series will start airing on the network on Nov. 10. This news comes to us from AEW on Twitter.

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