The Adam Sandler: 100% Fresh comedy special has been embraced by critics and fans. The comedian named his special after the negative reactions to his previous projects with Netflix. The Ridiculous 6, The Do-Over, Sandy Wexler, and The Week Of have earned 0 percent, 10 percent, 27 percent and 23 percent, respectively, on Rotten Tomatoes. With those kind of dismal numbers, Sandler decided to get ahead of the bad reviews and name his comedy special after the ratings system.

It's safe to say that Adam Sandler did not expect 100% Fresh to get the acclaim that it has received since it was released on October 23rd. The special currently sits at a 92% Fresh Rating on Rotten Tomatoes, making it certifiably Fresh on the site. As for the reviews, nearly all of them or positive, and only one review is keeping it from the coveted 100% Fresh Rating that Sandler's special is named after. So, why all the love for Adam Sandler on Rotten Tomatoes all of a sudden?


To start with, 100% Fresh is somewhat of a return to form for Adam Sandler. The comedian is up on stage doing what he does best, telling fictional stories, playing some guitar while singing about silly things, and just being himself. The special is filmed over multiple nights, and takes the best bits from all of them, while also including a skit where he performs in the New York City subway in disguise. People just walk right past him, and many are annoyed at by what they are seeing.

One of the best moments from 100% Fresh comes during a serious moment of the show when Adam Sandler pays tribute to the late great Chris Farley, who was a close friend. Farley passed away in 1997 from a drug overdose at the age of 33. Sandler sings about his friend and shares memories about their relationship, calling him the funniest person that he ever knew. The performance is raw and sentimental with some goofy jokes added in to lighten the mood. The saddest part of the song is when Sandler sings that they tried to warn him about his abuse, telling him that he'd end up like John Candy and John Belushi. Farley reportedly didn't care and called both comedians his heroes.


While Adam Sandler's Netflix streaming projects have been bashed by critics over the past few years, the fans are still with him, which is clearly evident as you watch the comedian perform to sold out crowds. Sandler also has a lot to live up to when releasing anything new. Back in the 1990s and early 2000s, it seemed like the comedian was unstoppable, making one family-friendly comedy after another, each of them making a killing at the box office. It's also worth noting that Sandler's latest film, The Myerowitz Stories is currently holding a 93% Fresh Rating on Rotten Tomatoes. You can stream 100% Fresh exclusively on Netflix.