The hit Syfy series Ghost Hunters will air its Season 8 spring finale Wednesday, May 16 at 9 PM ET with Episode 8.12: Please Sign the Ghost Book. The episode also has added significance since it is Grant Wilson's last episode.

Series stars Amy Bruni and Adam Berry recently participated in a conference call, where they both shared some of their fondest memories about working with Grant Wilson. Amy Bruni, who joined the show in 2008, chimed in first with her favorite investigation.

"One of my favorite investigations with Grant happened off screen and it was at the Stanley Hotel. There was a carriage house there that we're not really allowed to investigate any longer. But I investigated there with him and his wife and we had some pretty insane paranormal activity happening and this was before I was ever with TAPS. It was kind of overwhelming, and I remember him just being this very calming influence throughout the whole experience. Even calming down his wife, calming down me and I remember thinking at the time gosh, he is a great investigator. And then lo and behold, a year or two later I'm on the TAPS team investigating with him all the time. So I think that was kind of one of the first moments I had that inspired me to - not really inspired me but it just made me realize like how true to the field Grant is."

Adam Berry has been with the Syfy series since 2010, but his most memorable experience with Grant Wilson happened just recently.

"It was the most recent experience honestly. It was at the USS Yorktown when Amy and I caught the apparition of the guy walking across the flight deck. We were so excited to show Grant this evidence that we ran down. They didn't show this but we ran down the side of the ship. We could have jumped off the ship and we'd have been fine. We were so excited. We showed him this evidence and the way he reacts any time, we as a team work together and get some really great stuff while we're investigating. It's my favorite thing because he kind of reenergizes all of us. He gets really excited and we're very excited. We don't need coffee, we don't need Red Bull. We can stay up the rest of the night and for like days on end just investigating. And I feel that he will always be around. We can always call him or text him or talk to him at any time. So we'll have him around and that's something I'm going to miss definitely."

There have been a number of smartphone applications that have recently hit the market, which could be used in these investigations. Amy Bruni revealed the TAPS team does not use these devices because they cannot be verified properly.

"We really don't use any Smartphone applications or anything in our investigations just because we really can't verify the technology behind them. I certainly don't know what's going on inside my iPhone, but we have been using a lot of new tools on investigations. We've been experimenting with shadow detectors and we've been using these things we've been calling trigger objects, proximity centers where we can tell if something is approaching a trigger object. We're being able to like plant them all over rooms so we can kind of track something as it moves through the room. So there's definitely a lot of things we're doing technology wise. But we kind of have steered clear of the Smartphone apps."

Adam Berry also shared a few of the famous places he has always wanted to investigate.

"We throw out ideas all the time. The White House would be really, really cool but I doubt we'd get clearance to. We've tried and wanted to go to the (Bolesca) axe murder house before. We've made attempts to get there but we haven't been able to get there. I'd like to do Neverland Ranch. That would be fun. I mean see if Michael (Jackson) is there."

You can watch Amy Bruni, Adam Berry, and Grant Wilson on the Ghost Hunters Season 8 spring finale, Episode 8.12: Please Sign the Ghost Book, Wednesday, May 16 at 9 PM ET.