Fresh off their fourth straight Emmy win for Best Comedy series, and the premiere of Season 5, Modern Family producers, 20th Century Fox Television and ABC are considering putting together a spin-off series.

While there are several possible scenarios being discussed, one of the ideas is to build a show off of Rob Riggle's character Gil Thorpe, who appeared in two Season 4 episodes. Gil is the fast-talking real estate rival of Ty Burrell's Phil Dunphy, who is considered to be the top realtor in all of Southern California. He also has a knack for inserting his own name into phrases like "Thorpedoed" and "Gil Pickles."

If a pilot is ordered, it will be written by Modern Family staff writers and co-executive producers Paul Corrigan and Brad Walsh, who will serve as executive producers alongside Modern Family co-creator Steven Levitan. The show's other co-creator, Christopher Lloyd, is expected to stay focused on the flagship series. Paul Corrigan and Brad Walsh wrote the "Career Day" episode that Rob Riggle guest-starred in last season.

Nothing is confirmed at this time, so stay tuned for more information.