It looks like Fox is going to find a way to keep 24 alive yet again. Jack Bauer may be retired, but original series executive producers Howard Gordon and Brian Grazer are looking to revive 24 as a female-led legal thriller set in the criminal justice system. Writer/producer Jeremy Doner (The Killing) has been brought on board the creative team as a producer and has also been tapped to pen the script for the new take on the series.

As it stands, Fox hasn't committed to actually making this new 24 spin-off, but they've made a script commitment and seem motivated to keep the Emmy-winning series going. Details are currently scarce, but according to a new report, the series will center on a "female prosecutor who uncovers a legal conspiracy and has to work against the clock to save a death row inmate facing imminent execution whom she had helped prosecute but may be innocent." If the series does move ahead, it will be a new beginning for 24.

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As teased by Fox Chairman Dana Walden during this summer's TCA, Fox is hoping to take an anthology series approach to 24. Each new season of the show will follow a new cast of characters, set in a new world each season. Similar to American Horror Story. Over the summer Walden said, "We are really exploring what the future, the next version of 24 might be, maybe in more anthological storytelling." Former Fox Entertainment president David Madden also teased a new take on 24 over the summer.

"The same kind of ticking-clock format but apply it to something else. It will have the same urgency but may not be set in the CTU, it will have same style and urgency but in a different venue."

While this new 24 series, which doesn't have an official title, would be quite different than what we've seen previously, it will still follow the real-time, ticking-clock approach that the series has used since the beginning. This will make for the latest reinvention of the hit series, following the release of 24: Legacy, which debuted earlier this year and starred Corey Hawkins (Straight Outta Compton) as the lead character. This marked the first season of 24 that didn't feature Kiefer Sutherland's Jack Bauer as the main focus, but it apparently worked well enough for Fox to consider another take on 24 in the near future.

24 premiered in 2001 and ran through 2010. Fox revived the series with Kiefer Sutherland for a single season event series, 24: Live Another Day, in 2014. In total, the series ran for 204 episodes, in addition to a TV movie, 24: Redemption, which aired in 2008. Deadline's report doesn't provide a possible timeline for when we could see this new female-led 24 spin-off