Fox's highly-anticipated limited series 24: Live Another Day already has stars Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub confirmed to return as Jack Bauer and Chloe O'Brien, but there are still many more questions about the show that remain.

During the TCA Summer Tour earlier this month, Fox Entertainment chairman Kevin Reilly revealed that the show will have an international setting.

"This is going to be set in an international setting. They've got great ideas. I love doing it this way. I have been really heartened by the amount of equity left in the show. I am stopped by fans all the time, thanking me for bringing it back. 24: Live Another Day miniseries will give us the 24 experience we want without stretching the story too thin. Everybody came in with a new vibrancy. The 12 episode format, Howard (Gordon) has always said, he always had 12 great ones, it was the next 12 that used to kill them."

Executive producer Howard Gordon also talked about the format of the 12-episode series, and how it will still conform to the 24-hour model.

"We'll keep it a 24 hour story but we'll tell 7-8, 8:15-9:15, 10-11 and then skip 3 hours if we need to. I think it's going to actually make us not have to do the pretzel logic of some of the stuff. It's still early, we're still full of hope, but I'm sure in about 3 weeks, I'll be under the table crying."

When asked about other returning cast members, Howard Gordon offered a cryptic response.

"We literally just started so we don't have the story locked down, we're sort of exploring who's out there and retrofitting people who are interesting."

Kevin Reilly also spoke about where Chloe O'Brien fits into the story, while revealing that Jack and Chloe will likely be the only stars returning from the original 24 series.

"They have a really powerful arc for her in the next chapter. Look, I think the fans really would have been heartbroken to not see Chloe. I'm pretty sure that will be it for returning cast, but there are several new characters joining."

However, executive producer David Fury revealed on his Twitter account that it is possible Mia Kirshner's female assassin Mandy may be back, and that the limited series will get back to its roots with more personal threats to Jack Bauer.