With the May 5 debut of Fox's limited series 24: Live Another Day just over one month away, series star Kiefer Sutherland graces the cover of this week's Entertainment Weekly print edition as Jack Bauer, who most certainly is back, dammit! In addition to the cover, EW has debuted a behind-the-scenes featurette with Kiefer Sutherland and Mary Lynn Rajskub, who explain that Jack and his former tech specialist Chloe O'Brian start out the new series at odds with each other, along with a Kiefer Sutherland interview where he explains the origin of his now-infamous catch phrase "dammit" on the original 24 series.

24: Live Another Day Entertainment Weekly Cover

The series picks up four years after the 24 series finale, with Jack Bauer now a wanted fugitive who has gone off the grid. When asked about what made him decide to return as this iconic character, Kiefer Sutherland revealed that it wasn't an easy decision.

"It was very stressful, making the choice to come back. That sense of responsibility to the show has not dissipated at all. When we started out, I said to [director Jon Cassar] to watch me like a hawk. If there was something that wasn't feeling right, don't wait to see if it works its way out. I was very scared I couldn't remember Jack. It had been awhile."

During the original 24's eight-season run, Kiefer Sutherland's Jack Bauer became known for his repeated use of the word "dammit," which, according to the actor, was never scripted.

"No one ever wrote a 'dammit' or anything. It was a button to a scene that I would just kind of throw in as a nervous reaction to whatever was happening. And then it just became this thing."