13 Reasons Why is getting a third season at Netflix. The streaming service released a 30-second teaser to reveal the news, which comes just 3 weeks after the premiere of Season 2. The teaser features a hand putting in a locker combination and then opening the locker to take out a lunch. The locker is then slammed to reveal a number 3 scrawled on it. The message is quick and to the point, notifying fans of the controversial show that it will be back in 2019 with 13 brand-new episodes.

Netflix also revealed that production on the new season of 13 Reasons Why will resume later this year with a premiere date sometime in 2019. The popular show has generated quite a bit of controversy over the course of its previous two seasons. The graphic depiction of suicide, substance abuse, bullying, and sexual assault led the producers and creators to make public service announcements (PSAs), starring the cast, for resources and more information on the heavy topics that 13 Reasons Why has covered. The PSAs were made ahead of the release of Season 2.

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In addition to the PSAs that were created for 13 Reasons Why, cast members Dylan Minnette, Katherine Langford, Justin Prentice, and Alisha Boe made a video warning to set up Season 2. In the warning, the cast warns of the graphic nature of the series and recommends that some viewers should watch it alone, or even not at all. There have been very disturbing scenes in the popular series, but last season's brutal sexual assault scene was seen as taking it too far. Actor Tyler Down, who portrays Devin Druid, feels that it's the show's "responsibility" to not "sugarcoat" or "censor" 13 Reasons Why. Down states that it's important to show these real-life situations in a truthful way.

Season 3 of 13 Reasons Why is also controversial with fans because the first 2 seasons were all based on a book. Plus, many already believed that Season 2 was stretching things a bit, although it ended around the same point. Critics of the show claim that Netflix is using the controversy surrounding the graphic nature of the show to drum up numbers, therefore exploiting the millions of people in the world that have suffered through such emotional and physical abuse.

It will be pretty interesting to see how Netflix decides to take Season 3 of 13 Reasons Why. A new direction may be needed, but the controversy has definitely helped the series in a major way. However, there will be one pretty big change for the series. Star Katherine Langford, who played Hannah and who was a focal point of the series, announced after season 2 premiered that she would not return. Everything must be moving pretty smooth for Netflix to announce that 13 Reasons Why is coming back just 3 weeks after the 2nd Season premiered. You can check out the teaser trailer for Season 3 below, courtesy of the Netflix YouTube channel.