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Mad Men Lands Streaming Deal with Netflix

Netflix subscribers can watch all four seasons of the Emmy-winning AMC drama through instant streaming starting on July 27.

Brian Gallagher

Showtime Is Pulling Out of Netflix

Shows like Dexter and Californication will only be available through Netflix through summer.

Cat Parker

House of Cards Lands at Netflix

The video rental and streaming powerhouse makes its first venture into original programming with a 26-episode order for the David Fincher project.

Brian Gallagher

Kevin Spacey Builds House of Cards with David Fincher

David Fincher will direct Beau Willimon's pilot script, which puts an American spin on the British political mini-series.

Brian Gallagher

CONTEST: Win a Roku XD Streaming Set-Top Box!

This perfect holiday gift allows users to stream from Netflix, Amazon, Hulu and over 100 other channels.

Brian Gallagher

Netflix Teams with NBC Universal for Streaming TV Episodes

Subscribers to the online rental service can watch episodes of The Office, 30 Rock, Saturday Night Live and many more the day-after broadcast.

Brian Gallagher

HBO Content Not Likely to Be on Netflix

"There is value in exclusivity," states HBO's Eric Kessler.

Evan Jacobs

Hulu Launches Its Hulu Plus Subscription Service

We have all the details on this new pay venture for the streaming site.

Brian Gallagher

Netflix and 5 Electronics Companies to Roll Out New Streaming Devices

New streaming-ready TV's and Blu-ray players will debut later this year.

Brian Gallagher