Who's the Boss?


'Who's the Boss?' Season 6 Episodes

Who's the Boss? S6E1
Episode 1  •  September 19th, 1989

In Search of Tony

The family goes to a tropical island. Everyone else is having fun without Tony and he becomes lonely. After Angela nearly drowns, they argue and decide they are having more fun apart from each other. After they compete in a talent contest and Tony hurts his leg, they talk “passionately” about their future.

Who's the Boss? S6E2
Episode 2  •  September 26th, 1989

Life's a Ditch

Charlie, Sam's girlfriend from Brooklyn, visits while Angela is preparing for a dog food commercial. Charlie talks Sam into ditching school for the day and going to the beach, but Tony catches them before they leave the house. When Tony calls Charlie's mother to tell her, he learns that her mother doesn't care about Charlie and doesn't want her in her life. Charlie is asked to be a stand-in model for the dog food commercial and her future changes.

Who's the Boss? S6E3
Episode 3  •  October 3rd, 1989

In Your Dreams

Tony and Angela are apartment-sitting for Mrs. Rossini. After meeting two couples Tony used to be friends with, Angela dreams that she and Tony are married and living in Brooklyn with four children and another one on the way. She learned that she has a little bit of Brooklyn in her and Tony has left a little of Brooklyn behind.

Who's the Boss? S6E4
Episode 4  •  October 10th, 1989

Sam's Novel Romance

Sam joins a book discussion group when she develops a crush on the instructor, a young college professor, unaware that he is married.

Who's the Boss? S6E5
Episode 5  •  October 24th, 1989

Tony and the Professor

On the spur of the moment, Tony accepts a date with a woman he meets at a bar. Having second thoughts, he cancels the date the next day, only to learn later that the woman is the professor of his new class.

Who's the Boss? S6E6
Episode 6  •  October 31st, 1989

Mother and Child Disunion

Angela decides to merge her business with an associate company, despite Mona’s misgivings. The new associate begins to take control and tells Angela she must get rid of her smaller clients. Mona volunteers to work for Angela for fewer benefits if she will withdraw from the merger.

Who's the Boss? S6E7
Episode 7  •  November 7th, 1989

Sam Can Manage

Al and his friends are visiting from Brooklyn. They have started a new rock band, but are in desperate need of help. Sam agrees to take on the role of the band manager. Tony doesn't think she will be able to handle it, and his attempts to help her only make her angry with him.

Who's the Boss? S6E8
Episode 8  •  November 14th, 1989

Supermom Burnout

Angela brings the family to a psychiatrist for counseling when she thinks Sam and Jonathan's fighting is getting to be too much. The psychiatrist reassures them that their family is emotionally healthy. But his evaluation of Tony's busy life prompts him to ask Tony to continue counseling with a group of parents who risk burning out.

Who's the Boss? S6E9
Episode 9  •  November 21st, 1989

Sex, Lies and Exercise Tape

Angela joins a health club, where she quickly makes friends with a group of three women. After they meet Tony, Angela tells them she and Tony are a couple. Tony learns of Angela's lie, and she explains that, just like in high school, she felt pressured to do it in order to fit in.

Who's the Boss? S6E10
Episode 10  •  November 28th, 1989

To Tony, with Love

Tony needs an extra class to fill up his semester schedule and Sam suggests that he become a teacher’s assistant, an easy “A” and he use the class time to do his other homework. The course puts him in a third-grade class, where the teacher orders him to assist her on the first day. After an initial struggle, he finds he is able to work well with the students, and is soon considering becoming a teacher.

Who's the Boss? S6E11
Episode 11  •  December 5th, 1989

The World According to Jonathan

Some bad experiences at school, including being assigned to play the accordion, have Jonathan's self-esteem at rock bottom. Tony helps him overcome his discouragement by introducing him to an old friend of his, who is now an accordion player. Jonathan soon enjoys playing the accordion, but when Tony encourages him not to restrict himself to one activity, Jonathan misinterprets Tony's intentions as disapproval for the accordion, and bans Tony from his first recital.

Who's the Boss? S6E12
Episode 12  •  December 12th, 1989

Gambling Jag

When Mona’s luck with men takes a turn for the worse, Tony, Angela, and Mona visit Atlantic City for a weekend to help her forget her troubles. Mona hits rock bottom and can only go up from there, when she meets a professional gambler who begins winning things from her -- including the keys to Angela's Jaguar.

Who's the Boss? S6E13
Episode 13  •  January 2nd, 1990

Sam Accelerates

Sam is accepted to the Accelerated Scholastic Program, which will allow her to graduate from high school a year early. She is excited at first, and begins looking at colleges. But soon she wonders what will happen between Tony and Angela after she has gone away. Her fear that Tony may end up alone prompts her to reconsider her decision.

Who's the Boss? S6E14
Episode 14  •  January 9th, 1990

Tony Kills

Tony challenges an obnoxious neighbor, Fred, to a tennis match after he makes a pass at Angela. He is devastated after Fred drops dead on the court. Soon Fred’s twin brother, Ed, shows up and takes advantage of Tony’s guilt over Fred. When he makes a pass at Angela, Tony rashly challenges him to play tennis, then wonders if he’ll kill Ed too.

Who's the Boss? S6E15
Episode 15  •  January 16th, 1990

Dear Landlord

Angela buys a house to rent for profit. She and Tony choose a tenant together, a retired gentleman. When Angela returns from a brief business trip, she finds that Tony has instead rented it to an attractive, young, aspiring actress. She becomes to focus of everyone’s attention, especially Tony’s, and Angela has to take control again before harmony returns.

Who's the Boss? S6E16
Episode 16  •  January 23rd, 1990

Mona & Walter & Sam & Eric

Tony and Angela arrange a date between Mona and Walter, the grandfather of Sam's boyfriend, Eric. Disaster strikes when it turns out Walter and Mona knew each other long ago -- and were engaged. Mona swallows her pride to help keep Sam and Eric together.

Who's the Boss? S6E17
Episode 17  •  January 30th, 1990

Micelli's Marauders

Angela and her friends from the health club have formed a volleyball team, and Tony accepts the request to be their coach. The girls play poorly at first, but after some coaching from Tony, both athletic and personal, the team's performance improves. The one exception is Angela, who Tony is inadvertently neglecting.

Who's the Boss? S6E18
Episode 18  •  February 6th, 1990

Her Father's Daughter

Tony and Angela are chaperones on Sam's spring break vacation to Ft. Lauderdale Beach. Two guys hit on Sam and Bonnie, and Sam suspects the boys plan to move too fast. When Sam tries to warn Bonnie, Bonnie accuses her of being too motherly, and they end up fighting. Sam tells Tony about Bonnie and the boys, and realizes Tony is right when he says she is a lot like him when it comes to protecting her friends. Meanwhile, back at home, Mona helps Jonathan find a date.

Who's the Boss? S6E19
Episode 19  •  February 13th, 1990

Take Me Back to the Ballgame

A client of Angela's, a baseball player, upsets Tony when he demonstrates that he is only in baseball for the money and the fame. Tony wonders whatever happened to pride in the game.

Who's the Boss? S6E20
Episode 20  •  February 20th, 1990

I Dream of Genealogy

After researching her family tree, Sam discovers that her great-grandfather, assumed to be deceased, is still alive in Italy. He is flown to Connecticut to meet the family. Tony soon discovers that the man is not who they believe he is.

Who's the Boss? S6E21
Episode 21  •  February 27th, 1990

Couple Trouble

Tony and Angela make friends with another couple at the country club. The couple is about to become engaged, but their relationship with Tony and Angela may pose a problem.

Who's the Boss? S6E22
Episode 22  •  March 13th, 1990

Operation Mona

After a fire at Mona's apartment, Angela’s offer to buy her a new condo is met with hostility. Angela is angry and leaves the house. Mona becomes ill and is rushed to the hospital, where she will need surgery to remove her gall bladder. Mona’s dead husband appears to her and encourages her to make up with Angela. Mona tells Angela she reacted because she wanted to stay near her little girl.

Who's the Boss? S6E23
Episode 23  •  March 27th, 1990

Road Scholar

Sam has her heart set on attending Tate University, but Tony insists she keep an open mind, so the two take a road trip to visit some schools. Sam eventually gets a letter from Tate requesting an interview, but things don't go as she hoped. She was as surprised as Tony at which college she chose.

Who's the Boss? S6E24
Episode 24  •  April 10th, 1990

Beautician Heal Thyself

Al has graduated beauty school, and Tony helps him set up his own salon in Brooklyn. Al's behavior to the customers upsets them, and when Tony explains that Al will never make it unless he changes his ways, Al decides to close the shop.

Who's the Boss? S6E25
Episode 25  •  May 1st, 1990

Sit Down and Be Counted

A census taker visits Tony and Angela, just as they are hoping to leave for the movies. Using flashbacks from previous episodes, Mona gives the man a brief run-down of the history of Tony and Angela's relationship.

Who's the Boss? S6E26
Episode 26  •  May 8th, 1990

The All-Nighter

Tony and his study group are cramming for exams. After everyone goes home except for Kathleen, she and Tony sleep together. He feels somewhat guilty, particularly when he tells Angela about it. Angela and Tony assess their relationship and decide that they don't know exactly where it is going, but that it is best if they let it run its course.

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