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'The Fairly OddParents' Season 4 Episodes

The Fairly OddParents - Season 4

The Fairly OddParents - Season 4

The Fairly OddParents fourth season began on November 14, 2003. The Fairly OddParents second movie, Channel Chasers aired in the summer of 2004, and for the 4th time, 2 Nicktoons make crossovers in, The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour. The season officially ended with "Schools Out: The Musical".

The Fairly OddParents S4E0
Episode 0  •  July 23rd, 2004

Channel Chasers

The Fairly OddParents S4E1
Episode 1  •  February 16th, 2004

The Big Superhero Wish

In another case of "Be careful what you wish for," Timmy wishes the world was more like a Crimson Chin comic book, and Cosmo and Wanda turn him and all his friends into superheroes!

The Fairly OddParents S4E2
Episode 2  •  February 20th, 2004

Vicky Loses Her Icky

Have you ever wondered what makes Vicky so mean? The answer is surprisingly easy: She has a bug up her butt.When timmy wishes that his mean and nasty babysitter would be nice, a magical bug containing Vicky's evil essence crawls crawls from out of her butt leaving behind a sweet and docile teenager. Vicky is now a total saint. But the evil Has to go somewhere, which means that the bug is on the hunt for its next host.

The Fairly OddParents S4E4
Episode 4  •  March 19th, 2004

Baby Face

Pixies have bought fairy world! Under the new management of the monotonous and very corporate Pixies, everyone's wishes are being denied. So Timmy challenges the head pixie to a winner-takes-all game of miniature golf: If Timmy wins, the pixies will leave fairy world, but if he loses, Cosmo and Wanda will have to leave Timmy forever.

The Fairly OddParents S4E4
Episode 4  •  May 7th, 2004

The Jimmy Timmy Power Hour

The Fairly OddParents S4E6
Episode 6  •  May 18th, 2004

Power Pals

In this crossover with "The Adventures of Jimmy Neutron: Boy Genius", Cosmo and Wanda accidentally zap Timmy into the Neutron residence in Retroville while Jimmy finds himself in the Turner's house in Dimmsdale with no clue as to what's going on. Can Timmy's Fairy Godparents fix this mess, or will the two boys be forever stranded in each other's worlds?

The Fairly OddParents S4E9
Episode 9  •  June 1st, 2004

A Bad Case of Diary-Uh

Timmy's friends are tired that he is always pushing them around, so they form an anti Timmy force. Timmy wishes for some Super Friends to be his new friends (They are like superheroes: Superman, Aqua-man etc.) But pretty soon they begin pushing Timmy around like he used to with Chester, AJ, Elmer, and Sanjay. Timmy tries to find his old friends, but when the "Power Pals" find out there is an Anti Timmy league, they try to destroy it but Timmy and his friends confuse them with a distress call supposedly sent from another galaxy.

The Fairly OddParents S4E9
Episode 9  •  July 2nd, 2004

Crash Nebula

The Fairly OddParents S4E10
Episode 10  •  June 14th, 2004

Odd Couple

After being embarrassed in public when his bathing suit comes off while swimming, Timmy wishes he has no emotions. This personifies his emotions into small creatures which act like their emotions, and Cosmo keeps them in a box. With no emotions, Timmy is not afraid of anything and does dangerous daredevil stunts, and is approached to be a secret agent. He is sent on a mission to a cliched-evils-genius-hideout-volcano to rescue some prisoners. When he is about to jump in to the base, he says he is tired of having no emotions, so Cosmo and Wanda release them from the box. Timmy didn't mean right now, and has to complete his mission with his emotions.

The Fairly OddParents S4E12
Episode 12  •  June 18th, 2004

Who's Your Daddy?

Timmy is an stunt-boy in the Crimson Chin movie where he uncovers a plot to discredit the Chin.

The Fairly OddParents S4E15
Episode 15  •  September 10th, 2004

Shelf Life

Timmy tried to win the heart of his one true love, Trixie by wishing that he was the funniest guy on Earth but when he finds out that Cosmo's man eating plant he gave her is going to eat her at 12 midnight he tried to un-wish his wish but Wanda and Cosmo is too busy laughing to take Timmy seriously.

The Fairly OddParents S4E16
Episode 16  •  November 27th, 2004

Fairy Friends and Neighbors

Dad can't go to the father son camp festivel with Timmy, He wishes that other kids Dads were his to try and replace him in time.

The Fairly OddParents S4E17
Episode 17  •  November 27th, 2004

Just The Two of Us

The Fairly OddParents S4E18
Episode 18  •  November 27th, 2004

New Squid in Town

Timmy is sick of Vicky messing up his house then blaming it on him, so Timmy gets his revenge on Vicky by doing the same.

The Fairly OddParents S4E20
Episode 20  •  January 17th, 2005

Genie Meanie Minie Moe

Crash Nebula - Timmy is going to watch a special episode of his favorite show about a boy in a space adventure.

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