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'That's So Raven' Season 2 Episodes

That's So Raven - Season 2

That's So Raven - Season 2

The second season of That's So Raven aired on Disney Channel from October 3, 2003 to September 24, 2004. The season deals with the Baxter family, Raven, Cory, Tanya Baxter and Victor Baxter as they continue to manage with Raven and her ability to see into the future. Orlando Brown and Anneliese van der Pol co-star as Raven's best friends, Eddie Thomas and Chelsea Daniels.

Guest stars for this season included: Rose Abdoo, Paula Abdul, Adrienne Bailon, Patrick Bristow, Haylie Duff, Ashley Eckstein, Andrea Edwards, Judyann Elder, David Henrie, Amy Hill, Lawrence Hilton-Jacobs, Jonathan McDaniel, Faizon Love, Wesley Mann, Frankie Ryan Manriquez, Tom Virtue and Debra Wilson.

This season's original opening was replaced with season three's opening for daytime network rebroadcasts and subsequent syndication.

That's So Raven S2E1
Episode 1  •  October 3rd, 2003

Out of Control

Raven investagates after having a vision of Eddie And Chelsea looking like there about to kiss.

Meanwhile, Raven campaigns to Victor in order to get eggrolls onto the ""Chill Grill"" menu for her crush, Devon

That's So Raven S2E2
Episode 2  •  October 17th, 2003

Don't Have a Cow

Alana is going to have a Halloween Party.Eddie is already invited and Raven is mad cause Alana didn`t invite Chelse Or Rae. The two uninvited girls eat at the Chill Grill-where Alana is goin to have her party.Victor gives them burgers to eat.Chelsea(a vegitarian)dosen`t know that she is eating Rae`s burger which is meat.Rae comes up with a plan to put a spell(with the help of Viv`s spell book.) on Alana to make her invite them to the party.So the plan works except that Chelsea has dropped her No-Cow pin into the potion.Now they see that they have Cow Ears,they freak and look for the book that Eddie used for his costume.Now what will they do?Try to get the book back at the party as cows?

Meanwhile,Willam(Cory`s friend)&Cory are goin trick of treating without Victor leaving him alone.

That's So Raven S2E3
Episode 3  •  November 14th, 2003

Run Raven Run

Raven must avoid Alana after making her get paint in her hair.

Meanwhile,Victor,Cory&Willam get chicken pox.

That's So Raven S2E4
Episode 4  •  January 1st, 2004

Clothes Minded

Raven's visions are not so friendly when they cause her to get into a big heap of trouble Raven inadvertently forces Principal Lawler to enforce uniforms. Trying to protest Raven gets detention , and is disappointed when Eddie and Chelsea don't back her up , in detention Raven mixes in with Alana and her crowd, who have stolen Principal Lawler's 'Parmesan Cheese'. When they decide to stink up the school to rebel against the uniforms they stuff the parmesan cheese in the school ventilator and plan to blame it on Eddie & Chelsea. Meanwhile,Lionel gets a credit card and Cory goes over the limit with it.

That's So Raven S2E5
Episode 5  •  January 30th, 2004

Four's a Crowd

Raven goes on her first date with Devon, and grows anxious when she sees that he's going to kiss her on the date.

Meanwhile, Chelsea&Eddie play ""Contwingo""&watch movies with Tanya&Victor.

That's So Raven S2E6
Episode 6  •  February 6th, 2004

Hearts and Minds

When Raven has a vision of Cory getting no valentine,she tries to give him tips,but they don't work,so Eddie teaches him to rap to get a boost confidence.

Meanwhile,Chelsea has to have her new boyfriend approved by Tanya&Victor since her parents are away.

That's So Raven S2E7
Episode 7  •  March 19th, 2004

Close Encounters of the Nerd Kind

When Raven gets invited to a convention for Devon's favorite show she doesn't want to go, but when she has a vision that Devon is nuzzling another girl, Raven,Chelsea&Eddie crash the convention.

Meanwhile,Since Willam thinks Cory is psychic(thanks to Cory not telling Willam about Raven's vision about finding Willam's rabbit)Cory goes along with it and hits pepole up for cash to read people's pets minds.

That's So Raven S2E8
Episode 8  •  April 9th, 2004

That's So Not Raven

Raven tries out her creation to be in a model magazine,but is surprised at the results.

Meanwhile, Cory sells things to get a "Gameball 2"

That's So Raven S2E9
Episode 9  •  April 16th, 2004

Blue in the Face

When Raven is asked by Devon to go to a Blue Rain concert,her grades keep her from going.

Meanwhile,Cory wants to hang out with a "Cool Girl"-who makes fun of Willam's clothes.

That's So Raven S2E10
Episode 10  •  May 21st, 2004

Spa Day Afternoon

When Tanya wants Raven to go the Spa with her,she refuses,until she has a vision of her favorite singer Maisha is going to be there.

Meanwhile, Victor has Chelsea,Eddie&Cory trying out his Mother's "Pickled Artichoke Mash Potatoes".

That's So Raven S2E11
Episode 11  •  May 28th, 2004

Leave It to Diva

Raven gets a ""Psychic Cold"",which she has the abilty to read minds,just as her Grandmother comes.

Meanwhile,Cory has to take his pet rat,Lionel over to Eddie's and starts to miss him.

That's So Raven S2E12
Episode 12  •  June 11th, 2004

There Goes the Bride

Raven's boyfriend's Father is getting married.But the thing is-he has to move to Seattle.

Meanwhile,Cory gets an annoying motion dector alarm.

That's So Raven S2E13
Episode 13  •  June 25th, 2004

Radio Heads

Raven and Eddie begin to resent each other over a D.J. job.

Meanwhile,Cory wants Victor to be ""Hip"",so he gets him a wig.

That's So Raven S2E14
Episode 14  •  July 2nd, 2004

A Goat's Tail

When Eddie gets tired of Jefferson stealing the Bayside Barracuda,he steals the Jefferson Goat,which eats Raven's concert tickets.

Meanwhile,Cory goes worldwide gaming with someone in Hong Kong.

That's So Raven S2E15
Episode 15  •  July 9th, 2004

He's Got the Power

When Eddie gets psychic powers,he brags about it which makes him popular&making Raven mad at him.

Meanwhile,Cory gets hooked into this Crime Disco movie,""Undercover Disco Divas""

That's So Raven S2E16
Episode 16  •  July 16th, 2004


When Raven and Chelsea go camping,Raven really doesn't ""Rough It""out,bringing household appliances.

Meanwhile,Eddie hires Cory as his manager.

That's So Raven S2E17
Episode 17  •  July 23rd, 2004

The Dating Shame

Raven&Chelsea goes on a dating show,"TermiDate"to win a date with the very cute Chad.

Meanwhile,Cory lies to stay home by hiself.

That's So Raven S2E18
Episode 18  •  July 30th, 2004

The Road to Audition

When a talent scout comes to Bayside, everyone has reason to sing, except for one thing: the talent scout is dressed in disguise.

Meanwhile,Cory looks for Victor&Tanya's embarrasing performance tape.

That's So Raven S2E19
Episode 19  •  August 6th, 2004

The Lying Game

Chaos ensues when Raven is assigned as a teacher's aid to her little brother's class.

Meanwhile,Eddie tries to sell Tanya&Victor a new couch(Thanks to Raven's vision&Eddie's Furniture Salesman job).

That's So Raven S2E20
Episode 20  •  September 10th, 2004

Numb and Numb-er

Cory is scared to go to the dentist when Raven has a vision of him needing a filling.

Meanwhile,Victor,Chelsea&Eddie come up with ideas for a commercial for The Chill Grill.

That's So Raven S2E21
Episode 21  •  September 17th, 2004

My Big Fat Pizza Party

Raven&Chelsea get job's at The Chill Grill to pay for a ski tri, and they don`t do too swell on the first day.

Meanwhile,Cory tries to stop Willam from having a clown at his birthday party at The Chill Grill.

That's So Raven S2E22
Episode 22  •  September 24th, 2004

Shake, Rattle and Rae

Alana and her crew get on Raven's last nerve, causing her to overreact in class and flunk a test. In order to avoid being suspended, she must make peace with Alana. To do so, she invites Alana over to a slumber party. But when she has a vision of an earthquake, things get pretty weird.

Meanwhile, Victor gives Eddie driving lessons, which don't go too well when an officer pulls them over.

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