Swiat Wedlug Kiepskich


Swiat Wedlug Kiepskich Synopsis

Świat według Kiepskich is a popular Polish television sitcom, produced by Polsat since 1999. The show follows the life of a dysfunctional Polish family from Wrocław, who live in an old apartment in Wrocław on 3/4 Ćwiartki street. Most episodes are centered on Ferdynand Kiepski, who tries to make various schemes to improve his financial or life situation, all of which ultimately fail. The series parodies the dynamics of Polish families in a style similar to that of the US series Married with Children, released in Poland as Świat według Bundych; in many ways it inverts the dynamics of the Bundys. In many ways it is also inspired by The Simpsons. It is the third longest comedy TV series in the world after The Simpsons and The Adventures of Ozzie & Harriet.

Director: Patrick Yoka

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